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Trump appears to acknowledge Biden’s win in cryptic tweet

Trump appears to acknowledge Biden’s win in cryptic tweet

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In an abrupt turn of events, Donald Trump appears to have accepted that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States.

After spending a month hurling legal challenges against the wall in a fruitless attempt to find a judge willing buy into his bullshit and publicly remaining deep in denial, Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning and issued a cryptic demand for the Supreme Court to “do what everybody knows what has to be done.”

As usual, it is entirely unclear what Trump is asking the Supreme Court to do, aside from show “courage and wisdom.” Is he asking for a Bush v. Gore-style overturn of the election despite the absence of the necessary conditions requiring such a decision? Is he asking them to impeach Biden in the future, despite them not having the power to do so? Is he pleading for them to unilaterally declare him the president, which they cannot do?

Or is it just his way of letting the nation know that he’s accepted the fact that he lost, which he has up to this point been entirely incapable of doing, even in private? NYMag correspondent Olivia Nuzzi reports that “several officials I’ve spoken to have told me that even though Trump understands he lost, he’s still not ready to admit it, even in a private conversation — and that he doesn’t want to have people around him who aren’t willing to at least to pretend to buy his fiction that there’s a path forward to overturn the results.”

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Accepting that Biden has won by pre-emptively calling for his removal is about the Trumpiest way he could go about it, but with any luck, he’s finally starting to come around to the truth — and we can get on the Herculeanean task of repairing the damage that this narcissistic sociopath has done to our once-great nation.

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