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Sheer insanity unfolds in D.C. as fanatic Trumpers rally to “Stop the Steal”

Sheer insanity unfolds in D.C. as fanatic Trumpers rally to “Stop the Steal”

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It appears that with every defeat — and boy, have there been many defeats — for soon-to-be-ex-president Donald J. Trump, the deeper his fans fall into their own hysterical delusions and conspiracies. A “March For Trump!” rally was held in Washington D.C. this afternoon, and it was an absolutely terrifying glimpse into the pure, uncut insanity that has possessed Trump’s most loyal fans.

Strap in, folks, because you are about to lose some sanity points. 

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The most disturbing part of the show were the religious leaders, who gave sermons that described Trump’s ham-fisted and enormously incompetent attempts to overturn the election as a “spiritual battle” and portrayed Trump as some kind of Messiah figure beset by the forces of demonic Democrats.

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As if things weren’t weird enough already, there were a pair of MAGA rappers who hyped up the crowd with a song about gun-loving patriots, Roger Stone, and Bill Gates’ COVID vaccine conspiracies.

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But one of the most curious events was a declaration by white supremacist ex-YouTuber (kicked off for hate speech) Nicholas J. Fuentes that they were going to “destroy the GOP” because they weren’t fighting hard enough to save Trump.

It really is quite ironic to see the vast majority of the GOP feed the brain worms that live in the heads of MAGA fanatics by publicly engaging with the President’s ridiculous efforts to subvert our democracy and steal the election only to be accused of not fighting hard enough to keep Trump as president and have the rabble calling for their heads.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Trump rally in D.C. without a fascist gang of Proud Boys showing up and going on a stabbing spree.


Taken all together, these videos paint a grim future of the future of an America where fascist gangs freely roam the streets while authoritarian hog despots are lionized as religious icons by radical extremist preachers. Thousands of people showed up to this rally in D.C. today; god only knows how many more people are fully bought into this alternate vision of reality — and though Trump might be leaving, the damage he’s done to their minds isn’t going anywhere.

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