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Trump freaks out on Twitter after his Supreme Court judges refuse to hear his case

Trump freaks out on Twitter after his Supreme Court judges refuse to hear his case

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Last night, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear the preposterous lawsuit filed by the state of Texas challenging Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 elections, putting an end to the President’s best chance to sue his way into a second term.

It turns out that the Federalist Society did not spend decades growing an army of judges in a vat, indoctrinating them to be ruthless, dead-eyed right-wing psychopaths, ushering them through the most prestigious institutions in the country and purchasing enough Senators to push them through confirmation hearings in order to protect Donald Trump’s access to the Oval Office minifridge.

The president is taking this about as well as you’d expect, which is to say, Not Well. His Twitter feed has been very active this morning, full of pronouncements about how unfair it was, lashing out at the Supreme Court and continuing to insist that he won the election.

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While it’s all very amusing to watch Trump lose over and over again, the threat that he and his Republican allies pose to the integrity of our democracy should not be understated. Over a hundred Republican lawmakers have signed a brief in support of Texas’ lawsuit, all of them arguing that the election that gave them their seats in the first place is fraudulent. If it wasn’t clear before, the Republican Party is now openly opposed to American democracy and are actively working to overthrow it.

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Trump will likely continue to put on his idiot kabuki performance until the moment Joe Biden is sworn in, but unfortunately, the damage is already done.  No Republican will ever accept the results of an election that they did not win — and making sure they do not win any more has to be our biggest priority over the next four years. If a Republican wins the next presidential election, it seems almost certain it will be the last.

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