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Trump goes after the defense bill and drug companies in his Sunday AM tweets

Trump goes after the defense bill and drug companies in his Sunday AM tweets

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Donald “Lame-Duck” Trump is still unwilling to accept the reality of his defeat — despite court battles over his charges of supposed election fraud that have resulted in loss after judicial loss, culminating in the latest one-sentence Supreme Court dismissal of his hail Mary assault on the legitimacy of the Pennsylvania elections on Friday evening.

His refusal to face his humiliating defeat at the hands of President-elect Joe Biden was the main topic of Trump’s Twitter feed this morning as it has been just about every day since November 3rd.

First, however, the lamest-duck president had to protect one of the few executive orders that he issued that wasn’t actually harmful to the majority of people in America: his order that would force pharmaceutical firms to charge Medicare recipients no more than the price paid by other wealthy countries in a most favored nation provision.

With drug companies now spending heavily on media ads attacking the executive order and calling on Americans to pressure Trump into rescinding it, Trump seemingly wanted to defend the one popular healthcare move of his entire term while the nation still awaits the supposed proposed health care plan that he has continually promised as a replacement for the Obamacare he has been trying to end since he first took office.

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That piece of unfinished business out of the way, Trump went straight back to bellyaching about the imaginary election fraud with a tweet that read like a joke without a punchline,

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Funny, a swing state hustle is exactly what the Democrats called Trump’s own 2016 victory, eked out by a few votes in crucial swing states and unfortunately uncontested despite the Russian electoral interference that was later confirmed by the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Just in case his Twitter followers didn’t parse his meaning, Trump followed up that post with an all-caps review of the 2020 election in his extreme sore-loser mode.

Actually, that would be the 2016 election that put an insane man who garnered a minority of the popular vote into office.

Still stuck in cap-locks mode, Trump announced that he would veto the recent defense appropriations bill that passed both chambers of Congress with a veto-proof majority, just to vent his petulance.

If only Trump were basing his veto on the fact that our bloated military has more money than it needs given the multiple other priorities that face our nation and the world right now, but indeed the real reason he wants to veto the bill is likely that it contains provisions that would allow the stripping of the names of Confederate generals from military bases dedicated to their honor, a move that was a juicy piece of red meat for his white supremacist base.

That Trump can’t elucidate the reasoning behind his claim that a defense bill that increases American military spending somehow benefits China should indicate exactly how valid an interpretation the soon-to-exit president’s really is.

At this point, Trump’s continued involvement in the governing of our nation — a task that he has largely abandoned to concentrate on his extended temper tantrum over his inability to complete his greatest con job — is incredibly harmful.

If the Republican Party had any conscience, any intelligence, or any true patriotism. they would have invoked the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office a long time ago.

If Trump’s latest delusions don’t warrant this step, then the GOP needs to be held accountable for any rash and foolish moves he makes between now and January 2oth.

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