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Don Jr. releases bizarre hotel room video prompting social media speculation of a drug bender

Don Jr. releases bizarre hotel room video prompting social media speculation of a drug bender

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Over the past four years, Donald Trump has inflicted countless indignities on the United States of America and while there are certainly some far more egregious and damaging than others, there are none quite so annoying as his mainlining of his own vile family into our political life.

Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric have become fixtures in the Republican Party, galavanting around the world while lining their own pockets and spewing their father’s mendacious talking points. One can scarcely turn on the television without seeing one of their smug, vacant-eyed mugs floating across the screen.

Both Ivanka and Jr. seem to be at least entertaining the possibility of future political careers themselves, eventualities that are unfortunately entirely possible given the manner in which the GOP has devolved into a deranged conspiracy theorist cult devoid of intellect, morality, or principle. Whether or not these two are equipped to handle positions of increased scrutiny though is another issue entirely.

Donald Jr. seems to have publicly deteriorated over the past year, releasing sweaty, teeth-gnashing, incoherent rants on social media that some have speculated are fueled by alcohol or perhaps even cocaine.

The rumors have become so widespread that he even felt the need to address them himself during an appearance on Fox News back in August. The First Son tried to claim that his eyes looked “glassy” at the Republican National Convention due to the “lighting.” Needless to say, the strange explanation did little to squash the narrative.

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Last night, yet another clip of the president’s son in what appeared to be an inebriated state went viral on Twitter. Filming inside what looked like a hotel room, Donald Jr. unleashed a tirade of misinformation about President-elect Joe Biden’s son Hunter. But it wasn’t the content of his speech that drew attention.

Many were quick to zero in on the slurring nature of his speech, his puffed-up face, and the weird nasally tone he seemed to be affecting. Imagine how removed from reality he must be to post this video of himself thinking that he somehow comes across well in it. While it’s impossible to tell what’s really going on with Don Jr. from a video alone, it’s worth noting that his father has been described in the past as a “speed freak” who abuses Adderall. If the president is indeed a drug addict, might it be possible that his son—who mimics him in numerous other ways—has decided to emulate the dangerous habit?

Twitter users were quick to speculate as to the cause of the bizarre behavior…

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