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Jim Acosta bravely confronts McEnany over her lies at White House presser

Jim Acosta bravely confronts McEnany over her lies at White House presser

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The legacy of the Trump years will haunt this country for decades to come, serving as an indelible stain on our national reputation and a permanent reminder that the United States is always just one bad election away from authoritarian chaos. Perhaps more than anything else, this administration will be remembered for its wholesale rejection of the truth.

For four years this White House has pumped out nothing but lies, ranging from the fairly innocuous (exaggerating crowd sizes) to the truly deadly (dismissing the coronavirus pandemic as a Democratic “hoax”).

No person who served under Trump can claim with a straight face to have anything even vaguely resembling credibility at this point. In a just society that would be shunned and ostracized till the end of their days. Instead, they’re likely to float into cushy, high-paying jobs within the right-wing media and lobbying spheres.

Perhaps knowing she has such a career ahead of her, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany seems determined to ride the Trump train right up to the end of the tracks. Some of the more prominent Trump officials are jumping off but McEnany persists in lying for her boss, utterly shameless in the face of defeat as she regurgitates Trump’s election lies.

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Today, McEnany gave another one of her fact-free press conferences. Even though the Electoral College officially confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory yesterday, McEnany refused to admit that Trump has lost and instead deflected questions regarding the subject to the official campaign. She ended her remarks by taking a jab at the media for covering “Russia disinformation” before quickly closing her notes and fleeing the room. As she departed, CNN’s Jim Acosta called after her.

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“Kayleigh, isn’t it hypocritical for you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?” asked Acosta. The question was spot-on and not surprisingly McEnany pretended not to hear him. The reason is obvious: she has no response. Since day one, this woman has knowingly and gleefully lied every time she steps up behind that podium. She long ago made it clear that her thirst for power and advancement within the GOP far outweighs any feeling of responsibility she might feel to tell the truth to the American people.

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