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CNN’s Don Lemon gives Kayleigh McEnany the send-off she deserves

CNN’s Don Lemon gives Kayleigh McEnany the send-off she deserves

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As the Trump administration enters its waning days, the media is beginning to truly hold the departing president’s most deceptive enablers accountable.

Among those most now being finally fully called out for their sins during Trump’s term are the White House press team, those who repeated and reinforced the most despicable lies and propaganda being shoved down the nation’s throats by Donald Trump and other senior administration officials.

Previously, people like White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had to be treated with at least a small amount of deference since access to White House press briefings and other official information — as misleading and obfuscating as it may have been — depended on retaining press credentials that the Trump administration had no problem with withdrawing from correspondents whose coverage it didn’t appreciate.

With McEnany continuing to indulge Donald Trump’s fantasies about massive voter fraud and a crooked election costing him an election that he seditiously still refuses to concede, CNN‘s Don Lemon offered a less than fond farewell to the soon to be former press secretary who was once a colleague of his as a CNN commentator.

Lemon — apparently fed up with her criticism of the media during a contentious press conference on Tuesday where McEnany continued to insist that the election had not been decided despite the clear official electoral college totals — bid the press secretary an extended goodbye with a blistering attack on her performance as press secretary, at least equalling the lows of the tenures of her predecessors Sean Spicer, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and the nearly invisible Stephanie Grisham, who never actually presided over a single press briefing during her entire 281-day tenure.

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“So much disinformation comes from the podium. It’s just every day. It’s like [she] comes out, reads propaganda, talks about what the media is doing, criticizes the media, ‘this is what you should be covering’,” Lemon slammed McEnany’s typical workday.

“I think we got this. You used to sit here on the set with us. I think we got it. When you sat here with us, you thought we had it. You were happy to be here. But now we don’t know what we’re doing?” Lemon continued. “Girl, bye.”

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Lemon was echoing the parting question shouted by his colleague CNN White House Correspondent Jim Acosta at the end of yesterday’s briefing when he asked McEnany: “Isn’t it hypocritical of you to accuse others of disinformation when you spread it every day?”

It will be a joy to see Biden’s designated incoming Press Secretary Jen Psaki take over the role in January and return to a time before White House press briefings became a useless platform for the dissemination of Donald Trump’s disinformation campaign.

Likely the folks at reality-based media outlets like CNN will find it a refreshing change from the past four years.

You can watch Don Lemon offer his parting shots at Kayleigh McEnany in the video excerpt below.


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Original reporting by Cameron Jenkins at The Hill.

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