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Trump sounds death knell for Fox News in wild outburst over their betrayal

Trump sounds death knell for Fox News in wild outburst over their betrayal

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Now that the Electoral College has officially confirmed President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, the MAGA fans still insisting that their glorious leader has a path to a second term look somewhat like those infamous Japanese soldiers from WWII who, stranded on remote islands in the Pacific, persisted in their belief that the war was still waging long after their country had surrendered to the Allies.

Trump lost. No sane person can argue against that undeniable fact at this point. Next month he will leave office and Biden will become president, beginning the long arduous process of restoring the soul of the nation and returning America to its previous position of authority and influence on the world stage.

Pathological liar and narcissist that he is, Donald still refuses to admit that the American people rejected him en masse. He insists that some kind of fantastical widespread voter fraud conspiracy took place despite lacking even a shred of evidence to support such a claim. The conspiracy theories aren’t enough for him though and so in an impressive display of cognitive dissonance even by Trumpian standards, he denies that he lost even as he’s looking for people to blame for that loss.

Fox News, once the president’s favorite propaganda outlet, has quickly become one of his favorite electoral scapegoats. He reportedly deeply resents that the network called Arizona for Biden so early (even though the call was ultimately vindicated) and has even discussed plans to launch his own right-wing network to “wreck” Rupert Murdoch’s reactionary outlet.

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This morning, Trump attacked Fox’s ratings on Twitter, one of his favorite lines of insult dating back to his reality television days. He accused the network of playing “right into the hands of the Radical Left Democrats” and said it’s now “floating in limboland.” He singled out the decision to hire Democrat Donna Brazile and choosing to air “endless negative and unedited commercials” as major mistakes.

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Anyone who has so much as glanced at Fox’s coverage over the past few weeks will realize how deeply delusional Trump’s tweet is. The network has given more than enough airtime to the Trump team’s laughable conspiracy theories and has failed time and again to strongly denounce his authoritarian efforts to overturn the election. But passive collaboration isn’t enough to satisfy him. Nothing short of full-throated claims that the election has been stolen will do.

“@FoxNews is dead! Really sad!” Trump ended the tweet. While Fox has taken sporadic rating hits since election day, the incredibly (and unfortunately) popular network is still far from dead. That said, one struggles to feel even one iota of sympathy for Fox. They created this monster, they have enabled him for four years as he attempted to rip up the studs of our democracy and rained down cruelty on marginalized communities. Any damage he inflicts on them at this point is well-deserved.

Clearly still fuming, Trump followed up with another tweet a couple of hours later, stating that the “biggest difference” between 2016 and 2020 was the coverage from Fox News. The claim is an odd one since it seems to implicitly accept the premise that Trump won in 2016 and lost in 2020. Luckily for us, Trump can screech “Rigged Election!!!” all he wants, in 35 short days Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America.

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