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Trump’s Proud Boy thugs busted plotting to disrupt Biden inauguration

Trump’s Proud Boy thugs busted plotting to disrupt Biden inauguration

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Not content to “stand back and stand by” as Donald Trump infamously told them to do in his final presidential debate, the alt-right domestic terrorist group the Proud Boys are reportedly planning to try to infiltrate the scaled-back inauguration ceremonies for President-elect Joe Biden in Washington DC next month, according to a report in the Rupert Murdoch-owned British tabloid The Sun.

The idea that the violence-prone street gang would refrain from its reprehensible activities because of Trump’s begrudging demand during his likely insincere pledge at the debate to denounce white supremacists was erased this past weekend when members of the group burned Black Lives Mater banners that were hung at Black churches in the Washington DC area as part of the demonstrations at the “Stop the Steal” march in the nation’s capital that also saw sporadic clashes between members of the Proud Boys and counter-protestors.

The call to disrupt the Biden-Harris inauguration was revealed during a video posted on the YouTube channel of InfoWars alumnus Joe Biggs when his guest Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio urged the members of the group to “kick off this presidency with f***ing fireworks”.

At least, unlike Donald Trump, Tarrio is acknowledging that it will be Joe Biden standing at the podium on January 2oth.

“Revolt motherf***ers,” Tarrio exclaimed, while telling his fellow members to “take over.”

“Do whatever you got to do to f***ing get your tickets.”

“You show up there in Biden gear and you turn his inauguration into a f***ing circus, a sign of resistance, a sign of revolution,” the gang leader continued sedititously.

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The likelihood of any significant number of Proud Boys gaining access to the inaugural festivities seems to be quite low since the Biden inaugural planners are expected to cut the number of invitations to the festivities drastically compared to previous years due to the dangers of turning the inauguration into a facsimile of one of Donald Trump’s superspreader campaign rallies.

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Still, even if the gang members aren’t able to infiltrate the crowd at the inauguration, their stated intent to disrupt it should warrant an immediate investigation into their treasonous behavior and a court order to stay away from the event.

Perhaps they can manage to get a hearing in a courtroom adjacent to the one that their object of admiration, Donald Trump, will likely be in to face the charges of corruption and malfeasance that he will hopefully face after exiting the presidency.

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Original reporting by Patrick Knox at The Sun.

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