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Republican Jim Jordan provokes firestorm of outrage after telling suffering workers to “get a job”

Republican Jim Jordan provokes firestorm of outrage after telling suffering workers to “get a job”

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Americans are still dying en masse from COVID-19 thanks in large part to the criminally negligent approach the Trump administration has taken towards the pandemic since day one. The fallout from the president’s disastrous leadership has since been compounded by utter apathy on the part of Congressional Republicans, who have refused to pass the kind of stimulus bill out of work Americans so desperately need right now.

The Democratically-controlled House passed a $3 trillion stimulus package back in May but the Republican-controlled Senate has refused to even take it up for a vote. Apparently, conservatives have no problem with massive spending when it’s time to give out needless tax cuts to the super-wealthy but when it comes to helping a single mother put food on her table after getting laid off they can’t seem to scrape together a handful of pennies. Even during a historic crisis, the GOP will always choose to serve its corporate masters over the American people.

Simply standing by idly as the people they swore an oath to serve suffer and die isn’t enough for these ghouls though. They feel the need to add insult to injury by patronizing us as they wait for the pandemic to end, comfortably insulated in their privilege in wealth. Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a man infamous for ignoring rampant sexual abuse during his time as a coach at Ohio State University, tweeted today that the “best stimulus” is a “job.”

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It’s difficult to fully articulate just how truly disgusting Jordan’s sentiment is. Thanks to him and his Republican cronies, Americans still haven’t received the financial support from their government that their tax dollars and basic human dignity entitle them to. His tweet implies that unemployed people are simply lazy, completely ignoring the devastation the coronavirus has visited on our economy. It’s not that people don’t want to work, it’s that most places aren’t hiring.

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Most of us can’t rely on taxpayer-funded salaries like Jim here. Most of us have to actually work to pay our bills and rather than thanking us for paying his, Jordan has chosen to spit on us. One would say that he should be ashamed of himself, but a man who happily ignored sexual abuse during his climb to power is obviously incapable of shame. The people of Ohio would be wise to make sure that after his next reelection attempt, Jordan instead finds himself suddenly unemployed.

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Twitter users responded with understandable rage.

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