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Trump unveils new twist in his stolen election narrative in sad plea for rescue

Trump unveils new twist in his stolen election narrative in sad plea for rescue

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On Saturday morning, soon-to-be ex-president Donald Trump continued to push the ridiculous narrative that somehow he had actually won the 2020 election. The latest twist to his fantastical delusions is the idea that Biden lost all six swing states (by a lot!) and then Democrats “dumped hundreds of thousands of votes” to steal the states.

How this enormously complex conspiracy could have been pulled off without anyone with more credibility than Newsmax finding out is never explained, but facts or reality have never been of much consequence for Donald Trump.

Unsurprisingly, the tweet was immediately tagged by Twitter for being fake news, though one wishes they could summon up a little more vehemence than just saying the election was “called differently,” which is as tepid as it gets.

His desperate cry of delusion was accompanied by a plea to “Republican politicians” to not be “weak fools” and somehow bail him out of the mess that he’s put himself in — and save him from the avalanche of trouble awaiting him the millisecond he steps out of the White House.

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The whole thing is a childish and extremely lazy performance of idiot kabuki for the benefit of Donald Trump and the most gullible of his devoted supporters, whose carefully constructed and incredibly delusional worldviews are predicated on a victimhood complex that by necessity requires the actions of some mysterious evil force — the deep state, antifa, fake news media, biased family court judges — to explain away why they aren’t winning at everything.

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He can name call all he wants, but nothing is going to change the fact that President Joe Biden will be sworn in and retake the White House in just a few weeks. More troubling is the long-term effects of Trump’s incessant refusal to stop discrediting the integrity of the 2020 election and poisoning the minds of his followers with his preposterous conspiracies — bringing the Trumpers back to reality will be a Herculean task indeed.

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