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Republican gets busted using his dead mom to vote for Trump

Republican gets busted using his dead mom to vote for Trump

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As Donald Trump continues to rage on about the supposedly stolen election, rife with voter fraud, his embarrassingly incompetent team of attorneys have yet to provide a single piece of evidence of the claimed fraudulent activity that has been able to convince even Trump-appointed judges that the election results warrant overturning.

Now, some real evidence of illegal ballots cast has emerged, and, as you might have predicted, it involves an over-zealous Trump supporter in Pennsylvania who decided he needed to inflate his favorite candidate’s tally in the contested swing state.

Bruce Bartman, a 70-year-old Marple Township man, is accused by Pennsylvania investigators of using the state’s online voter registration portal to register both his late mother, Elizabeth Bartman, in addition to his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Weihman, who died in 2019, according to voter records.

The investigators identified Bartman as a registered member of the Republican Party who requested illegal mail-in ballots for his deceased relatives in order to ensure Donald Trump’s re-election.

According to the local NBC News outlet in Philadelphia:

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“An Absentee Ballot under Elizabeth Bartman’s name was received and recorded by the Delaware County Bureau of Elections and the illegal vote was counted in the tally for the November 3 election, investigators said.”

“Bartman allegedly admitted to illegally registering both deceased women. He was arrested Friday and charged with perjury and unlawful voting.”

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The incident surely would be embarrassing to Trump campaign officials relentlessly pushing the idea that there was a coordinated conspiracy of Democrats assembling “truckloads” of illegal ballots cast for Joe Biden, if, that is, those officials had an ounce of shame in their bodies.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer described this incident of ballot fraud as both rare and isolated.

“First, this is the only known case of a ‘dead person’ voting in our county, conspiracy theories notwithstanding,” Stollsteimer said. “Further, the prompt prosecution of this case shows that law enforcement will continue to uphold our election laws whenever presented with actual evidence of fraud and that we will continue to investigate every allegation that comes our way.”

“Second, even though this was the most secure election in our lifetimes, human history shows that there are always some who will try and criminally cheat any system. The fact that Mr. Bartman was able to register two deceased individuals through the Commonwealth’s online voter registration system should trouble our state lawmakers. After all, the Delaware County Voter Registration Commission can only administer the system our Legislature puts in place.”

While Donald Trump may get some cold comfort from that last paragraph, the idea that Joe Biden’s victory in Pennsylvania was the result of a massive, yet undiscovered, cache of illegal ballots seems to be contradicted by the one documented case of voting by people who have shuffled off this mortal coil.

In a sane world, this incident would be enough to put a halt to Trump’s ceaseless bleatings that the election was “stolen” from him rather than simply an expression of the electorate’s massive rejection of his incompetence and malevolent policies.

Unfortunately, in the Bizzaro world that we must inhabit for at least the next 29 days, instead, we are stuck with Donald Trump who as recently as two hours ago was posting tweets like this.

That sort of deep-seated delusion needs to be addressed by mental health professionals and, hopefully, eventually by prison authorities.

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Original reporting by David Chang at WCAU-NBC News.

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