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Trump makes a pitiful last stand over the official POTUS twitter account

Trump makes a pitiful last stand over the official POTUS twitter account

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As the inevitability of his removal sinks in, President Trump has responded with an unwavering commitment to finding increasingly stupid ways to spite incoming president-elect Joe Biden. Now that his efforts to steal the election through conspiracy or court battle have all fallen flat, the gears of government are being deployed to obstruct and irritate the transition as much as possible.

Some of those stunts are very serious, like the Pentagon’s abrupt cancellation of cooperation for the Biden team, but others, like today’s announcement that Trump would not be giving up the millions of Twitter followers that he inherited from President Obama on the official @POTUS Twitter account, are downright laughable in their pettiness.

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This latest refusal really speaks to how Trump has been entirely consumed by his own delusions. Incapable of conceiving that Joe Biden is not just as obsessed with social media as he would be, the Trump team clearly thinks this constitutes some kind of an actual power move instead of a minor inconvenience that will immediately be forgotten as soon as every person of any significance follows President Biden the moment his account goes live.

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Nor would it even matter that much in the first place, since Biden will be addressing the nation directly when he needs to instead of spending his day furiously posting about whether or not FOX News hosts were sufficiently obsequious today.

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But it is a new low for a narcissistic sociopath who seems intent on sinking the entire White House into the mud before he’ll vacate his swampy warren.

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