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Christmas curmudgeon: Trump rants about “terrible people” on Twitter and targets Republican governor

Christmas curmudgeon: Trump rants about “terrible people” on Twitter and targets Republican governor

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With just two days left till Christmas, millions of Americans are rushing around to make last-minute preparations for the holiday (while hopefully adhering to social distancing protocols and COVID-19 precautions) and thinking about their families even if they can’t spend time with them this year. Meanwhile, President Trump could not possibly be any less taken by the Christmas spirit and chose instead to hop on Twitter today for one of his trademark social media meltdowns.

Still pretending as if he actually won the election but had victory snatched from his clutches by mass voter fraud, Trump once again brought up the issue of “signature verification” in Georgia, a state which Biden managed to flip blue and which Trump refuses to accept he lost. Beyond even the electoral votes the Peach State contributed to Biden’s win, it’s obvious that Trump just hates that he was the first Republican to lose the state since 1992. Above all things, Donald Trump hates a loser and right now there is no bigger loser on Earth than him.

Trump claimed that an unspecified “they” don’t want the “results” to get out prior to January 6th, the day Congress will certify the vote. “They know what they are trying so hard to hide. Terrible people!” Trump added before tagging Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp, who has become a favored target for his abuse in recent weeks.

Unfortunately for our Grinchy president, we already have the election results and they show that Biden won. The American people have rejected Donald Trump, consigning him to to the very small group of presidents who were only permitted by voters to serve a single term.

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The inclusion of Kemp’s name in the tweet is sure to be a boon to Democrats, who are currently battling it out in two Senate runoff elections in Georgia. If we win those seats we’ll seize control of the Senate and Joe Biden will have a unified government with which to deliver meaningful change to the American people. If we lose them, Republicans will do their best to obstruct all of the legislation that hurting Americans are in such dire need of right now — from more stimulus bills to expanded healthcare.

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By attacking the Republican Party in Georgia, Trump could depress turnout by convincing his supporters that all elections are rigged and that there’s no point in them even showing up at the ballot box.

Add your name to tell Trump: You Lost! Concede!

Last week, Trump shared a tweet from Lin Wood, the deranged quack attorney who has been trying in vain for weeks to get the 2020 election overturned in Trump’s favorite. Wood’s Twitter is an absolute cesspit of insane theories, misinformation, and frothing madness of a genus rarely matched even in the deepest backwoods of the right-wing digital stomping grounds. He has already suggested that Georgia Republicans refuse to vote for the party’s Senate candidates Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue unless they help deliver the state’s electoral votes to Trump. In short, he’s perfectly emblematic of the entire MAGA dead-ender crowd.

The tweet Trump shared from Wood praised the president as a “genuinely good man” who “does not really like to fire people.” Wood speculated that Trump “dislikes putting people in jail, especially ‘Republicans'” but that Governor Kemp and Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger will “soon be going to jail.”

It should go without saying that Kemp and Raffensberger are most certainly not going to prison for refusing to illegally steal the election on Trump’s behalf. The president almost certainly realizes this but decided he’d rather stroke his own ego by doubling down on his victimhood claims than support his party. Frankly, it’s difficult to feel even an ounce of sympathy for these men, Kemp in particular. He chose to embrace the Devil, he can’t complain now that he’s getting burnt.

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