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Flashback: Trump smugly tells innocent 7-year-old that believing in Santa is “marginal” at her age

Flashback: Trump smugly tells innocent 7-year-old that believing in Santa is “marginal” at her age

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Donald Trump’s sabotage of the pandemic relief bill — and the subsequent refusal by the members of his own Republican Party to agree to his demand that government checks sent to every American be increased from $600 to $2000 — may be perceived by many as the most Grinch-like war on Christmas of his term.

Yet, it is far from the first expression of Scrooge-dom that the defeated president has demonstrated while he occupied the White House.

One of the most noted incidents took place on Christmas Eve two years ago, when Trump managed to turn what was once a lighthearted White House holiday tradition of randomly taking calls from children expecting to reach the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Santa tracker into an existential crisis of faith for a poor young seven-year-old girl.

While speaking with Collman Lloyd from South Carolina, Trump inexplicably blurted out:

“Are you still a believer in Santa? Because at 7, it’s marginal, right?”

While the child’s response was inaudible, subsequent media reports have indicated that Collman responded “Yes, sir” to both queries, despite luckily having no idea what the word “marginal” meant.

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You can relive that magic assault on childhood innocence through the videos of the incident, first on the White House end of the line, followed by the footage taken at Collman Lloyd’s home during the call.

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It appears as if Ms. Lloyd survived the encounter with her belief in Santa intact, despite Trump’s bizarre testing of her faith.

The same cannot be said of Trump’s latest Christmas antic, at once much more destructive to many more Americans, but simultaneously equally morally bankrupt.

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