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Don Jr. insults and demeans his girlfriend to her face in bizarre Christmas video

Don Jr. insults and demeans his girlfriend to her face in bizarre Christmas video

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The Trump men have never been known for showing much sincere affection and gratitude towards any women, let alone their romantic interests, but it still is absurd to see Donald Trump Jr. publicly shading his own girlfriend in a deeply bizarre Christmas video.

The soon-to-be-ex-president’s eldest son, already infamous for disparaging women as a “herd of mothers” and has one divorce on the books, declared to the nation that he was “reasonably thankful…not so much” for his girlfriend, ex-FOX personality Kimberly Guilfoyle, and said that he tried to keep “a very low bar…I don’t want her to get too accustomed to kindness, I want her to stay tough!”

Psych students could write a term paper on the neuroses and implications wrapped up in this short video. It’s clear that Don Jr. has picked up his father’s pathological obsession with “toughness” and the perception of strength as the only worthwhile virtue to the extent that it extends not only to themselves but to everyone around him, including the woman he apparently loves. It’s also clear that he’s picked up his father’s disdain for women and their feelings and his enjoyment of petty public humiliation.

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While one would normally be inclined to feel sorry for Kimberly, she has nobody to blame but herself — and the enthusiasm with which she’s thrown herself into promoting Donald Trump’s heinous agenda makes it clear she knows exactly what she signed up for.

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Social media users were aghast:

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