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Body recovered from Nashville blast site identified through DNA evidence

Body recovered from Nashville blast site identified through DNA evidence

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After an explosion in a parked RV on Christmas morning destroyed property and killed at least one person in Nashville, the local authorities set out to identify the perpetrator of this act of terrorism as quickly as possible.

Police quickly zeroed in on 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner as a person of interest in the case.

This removes some of the mystery as to why outgoing President Trump, who has been so quick to maliciously condemn suspects of color (even those wrongfully accused), has said nothing publicly. Warner is white and, while his politics are presently unknown, as a Southern white male in his 60’s without a college degree, the Nashville suicide bomber is in the demographic most likely to be a Trump supporter.

Once again, Trump has made abundantly clear that he is only concerned with law and order when it is to punish minorities and political opponents, whether they are guilty or not, and he is quite content to allow and help the corrupt, and even terrorists, to skirt the law entirely when they are white or aligned with his ambitions.

Warner was known to have parked an RV similar to the one involved in the bombing in the yard of his home, and had an in-depth knowledge of alarms, explosives, and electronics, potentially explaining the elaborate audio recording that warned people near the bomb-laden vehicle that it was about to explode that was triggered shortly before the blast.

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Now, word from local TV reporter Nick Beres of Nashville’s Newschannel5 is that police have matched the DNA from the body found in the wreckage of the explosion to Warner.

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Beres posted the news and the other information from today’s press conference by the investigators of the blast.

With the news that Warner was killed in the explosion, fears that another attack may be imminent have subdued somewhat, but without knowledge of whether there were others involved in the planning and execution of the blast, caution is still warranted.

Police have been reluctant to call the bombing an act of terrorism without first determining the motive for the destructive act and whether it involved the assistance of others, but the effect of his actions nevertheless struck terror in the hearts of Nashville residents on Christmas and the ensuing days.

Expect further insight into the explosion as the police investigation continues.

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Original reporting by Nick Beres at Newschannel5, Nashville.

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