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Possible Trump scheme to fleece his supporters of last few bucks exposed at his hotel

Possible Trump scheme to fleece his supporters of last few bucks exposed at his hotel

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Donald Trump still won’t publicly admit that he lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden but it appears that he at least privately realizes he will soon cease to be President of the United States. Unable to accept reality, gullible MAGA supporters continue to donate money to Trump’s team in the vain hope that he might still eke out an election win (the president himself recently excited conspiracy theorists by alluding to something big happening on January 6th, the day Vice President Pence validates the election results) but Trump himself is no longer betting on a second term.

HuffPost reports that for a while now the Trump International Hotel has refused to book certain rooms from January 16th to January 20th, presumably so as to keep them available for Trump’s inauguration. According to Zach Everson, a journalist who tracks the activity of the president’s hotel, those same rooms have suddenly been made available, ranging in price from $886 a night to $2,225.

Notably, the rates are higher on January 5th and 6th, the days on which Trump has promised his mysterious development. The reason is self-evident: Trump is using his Twitter to gin up interest in those dates, hoping to fleece his supporters into booking rooms. When inevitably nothing meaningful happens, the demand for the rooms will once again drop, which is why the prices for later dates are already priced lower.

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In a lot of ways, this is the perfect coda for a presidency as flagrantly crooked as Trump’s: sucking every last possible dollar from his supporters by feeding them patently ridiculous lies. This last hoorah of naked greed is also an indication that Trump realizes the moment he leavees office his hotel revenue will drop. Foreign leaders and crooked lobbyists looking to garner favor from the president will no longer be able to snap up rooms at inflated rates to grease the wheels for their pet projects.

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One almost feels sorry for those stupid enough to fall for this little scheme of his. Almost.

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