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Republican officials target Mike Pence in desperate lawsuit to get Trump a second term

Republican officials target Mike Pence in desperate lawsuit to get Trump a second term

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Imagine for a moment how incredibly delusional, how deeply sunken into the swamp of right-wing paranoia and conspiracy theorizing one must be to still believe that Donald Trump has a chance of eking out a second term.

President-elect Joe Biden enters the White House in 23 days and the astonishingly inept team of lawyers and camouflaged criminals that Trump has entrusted with scraping together evidence of the widespread voter fraud he’s alleged has come up with nothing. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), one of the most bad faith, nakedly partisan operatives to ever serve in American government has admitted that Biden won the election.

Donald Trump’s refusal to accept his embarrassing defeat as an incumbent president means that anyone courting the support of the MAGA base has to echo his lies or risk alienating the lunatics still supporting him. Those who refuse to embrace Trump’s dangerous attacks on our Republic risk inciting direct Twitter attacks from our infamously mercurial leader, as Georgia Governor Brian Kemp discovered to his chagrin after he refused to break the law and hand his state’s electoral votes to Trump.

With these political realities in mind, the surprising development that several Republicans are suing Vice President Mike Pence over the election becomes a bit less surprising. The Hill’s John Kursel reports that Pence is being sued by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Chair of the Arizona Republican Party Kelli Ward, and other Republicans in an effort to reverse Biden’s victory. The idiotic gambit is exactly what one would expect from Gohmert, a man with less brains than an Ozian shed full of scarecrows, and is a clear indication of how desperate Trump dead-enders have become.

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These Republican hacks are asking a Trump-appointed judge to rule that Pence is entitled to pick Trump-supporting electors on January 6th, when he is constitutionally required to validate the vote. Kruzel spoke to Rick Hasen, an election law expert, who quickly threw cold water on the lawsuit. “No, this won’t work,” he said bluntly.

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“The Vice President and U.S. Congress act unconstitutionally in this election and future elections when they count votes of Presidential electors where the respective state legislature has not affirmatively voted in favor of post-election certification,” the lawsuit claims.

Democratic election attorney Marc Elias described it as “really dumb.”

This lawsuit will go nowhere, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be taken seriously insofar as what it reveals about the GOP. These men and women have abandoned even the pretense of caring about democracy. If they had their druthers we would all live under an unelected Republican monarch for the rest of our lives. They have nothing but disdain for voters and should be removed from the office the moment the opportunity presents itself.

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