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Right-wingers unleash a flood of insane explanations for the Nashville bombing

Right-wingers unleash a flood of insane explanations for the Nashville bombing

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If you need any measure of just how deranged some of our fellow American citizens have become during the Trump-era, one need only look at the response that the deluded followers of “Q” have had to the Christmas morning suicide bombing in Nashville, Tennesee.

Not that one would expect anything lucid or remotely connected to reality from the QAnon cult that a cabal of Satan-worshipping Democratic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against a superhero-like Donald Trump who is leading the battle against these mythical creatures.

The reaction of these cult-members to the terrorist action in Nashville is equally in the realm of poorly constructed fantasy narratives.

A perusal of social media posts made by known QAnon followers proves that some people will twist reality into pretzel-like contortions in order to force plain facts into the most insane scenarios that fit their bizarro worldviews.

Take attorney Lin Wood, a Q devotee who has been one of the many lawyers who have failed to advance in the courts the equally implausible idea that the election was stolen from Donald Trump through massive voter fraud.

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If you follow the logic in one of his recent tweets, congratulations, you may be a perfect candidate for matriculation in Delusional Conspiracy Theories 101.

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Obviously, this course does not require Logic 101 as a prerequisite.

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Alleged suicide bomber Anthony Quinn Warner was breathing oxygen before the blast ended his time here on this planet.

The people counting ballots in the contested swing states that Trump insists were stolen from him were also breathing oxygen.

Could that oxygen be the connection that links the bombing to electoral malfeasance?

This is the level of deep thinking and irrational paranoia that the followers of QAnon engage in while analyzing every newsworthy event.

Finding meaning in coincidence and the most tenuous of connections puts QAnon devotees in the same boat as readers of tea leaves and other supposed oracles whose validity is as worthwhile as the soaked used vegetal matter that they interpret.

At least this post admits to the possibility that the ownership of the building may simply be a coincidence.

Others were not so tentative in their proclamations about the significance of the bombing.

Some people really had to defy the obvious to make their politically dubious points.

The attempts to link the bombing to a supposed Democratic coverup of election fraud were a recurring theme in the QAnon responses to the bombing.

Still, it was hard to get any crazier than the folks who insisted — despite a recorded warning message broadcast to the area surrounding the RV and ample video footage showing the vehicle exploding — that the explosion was actually a missile strike, not a terrorist suicide bomber.

Apparently, these people seem to forget that Trump is unfortunately still president until January 20th and that Joe Biden and the Democrats have no ability to call in a military strike that the Pentagon would refuse to carry out on a domestic target anyway.

With so many delusional conspiracy theorists rejecting plain facts, America will have a long road recovering from the Trump era.

It’s difficult to overcome years of substandard education for a significant percentage of the populace and the effects of years of Trump’s and Fox News’ propaganda.

The Nashville bombing proves just how dangerous it can be to have people disconnected from reality contributing to our national discourse.

With QAnon supporters too dangerous to simply ignore, concerned Americans will have to keep a close eye on their actions to prevent more potential domestic acts of terror from becoming the new normal.

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Original reporting by David Edwards at RawStory.

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