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Trump unloads both barrels on “pathetic” Republican leaders in furious Twitter meltdown

Trump unloads both barrels on “pathetic” Republican leaders in furious Twitter meltdown

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America’s political purgatory persists. Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States in less than a month and the country will finally set about the long, difficult work of repairing the damage Donald Trump has done to our democracy but until then we’re saddled with a cruel, narcissistic lame duck leader with COVID-19 cases ticking skyward.

Rather than spend his few remaining days in power doing everything he can to save American lives after flagrantly neglecting the pandemic for almost a year, Trump has decided to whittle away his time by whining on Twitter about the election. He still refuses to accept that the American people have rejected him and consigned him to that undesirable club of one-term presidents. Instead, he insists that a widespread voter fraud conspiracy orchestrated by Democrats stole the election from him, a claim that has been debunked time and again and for which he has still failed to provide so much as a scrap of evidence.

In order to sustain his lies about the election, Trump has turned on members of his own party, angry that they have refused to fully endorse and support his would-be coup. The GOP has failed to denounce his efforts to overturn a legitimate election and illegally install himself for a second term, but that cowardly, tacit support isn’t enough for a man like Trump. He demands absolute loyalty and total devotion to his authoritarian plot.

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Today, Trump lambasted Republicans on Twitter. He started by regurgitating some misinformation about votes that he saw on Fox News, once again claiming that he actually won the swing states that he in fact lost by embarrassing margins for an incumbent president.

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“WE NEED NEW & ENERGETIC REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP,” Trump ranted in all caps, once again cannibalizing his own party rather than confront his own failings as a politician. He went on to accuse Democrats of stealing the election but blamed Republicans for not doing more to stop them, implying that his looming expulsion from office is rooted almost entirely in the failings of his GOP allies.

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“Republican leadership only wants the path of least resistance. Our leaders (not me, of course!) are pathetic,” Trump tweeted, finally stating something truthful, even if it just incidentally. Republican leaders are pathetic, but not because they aren’t proficiently MAGA-minded. Republicans are pathetic because they have let this ugly, incompetent, fascistic creature drive our country into the ground for so long without any meaningful pushback. Now, as he works to quite literally destroy American democracy, they still refuse to step forward and oppose them. History will remember.

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