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Ivanka wishes “best brother” Don Jr. a happy birthday and it immediately blows up in her face

Ivanka wishes “best brother” Don Jr. a happy birthday and it immediately blows up in her face

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When dealing with creatures as habitually cruel and destructive as the Trumps it can be difficult to resist the urge to be petty. Sometimes giving into that urge should be encouraged.

These vile people have inflicted such irreparable damage to our democracy, ruined so many lives in their solipsistic pursuit of power and wealth, that one can’t help but treat them as if they deserve every insult piled onto them. Simply put, they do not deserve the common decency one would afford normal, nonsociopathic individuals. They deserve your scorn and will continue to deserve it for the remainder of their lives.

With that harsh reality in mind, one can take some delight in the responses to First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s tweet today. Doing her best impression of someone capable of empathy, she wished a happy birthday to Donald Trump Jr., her virulent ignoramus of a brother. He turns 43 today, as clueless and swaddled in privilege as he was the day he was born into his criminal family all those years ago.

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Ivanka called her father’s namesake the “best brother (and uncle!) in the world!” and said she looks “forward to the many laughs and adventures in the years ahead!” Knowing what we know about these crooks, those “laughs and adventures” will assuredly be at the expense of innocent people — be they the workers in Ivanka’s sweatshops or those targeted by the insane conspiracy theorists Don Jr. regularly works into a lather. The Trumps take from the world, leaving it uglier and impoverished both materially and spiritually in their wake. Mankind would be better off if none of them had ever been born.

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Notably, President Trump, who seems to see his children as nothing more than props and occasionally useful political pawns, has yet to wish his son a happy birthday on Twitter. Perhaps the man known for his inability to admit fault has at least one regret nagging at the back of his mind…

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The Twitter responses to the First Daughter’s tweet serve as a good barometer for the way much of the country feels about these individuals.

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