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Top Trump lawyer hit with accusations of assaults, believes he’s Jesus

Top Trump lawyer hit with accusations of assaults, believes he’s Jesus

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Much has been written about the bottom of the barrel legal team assembled by Donald Trump to contest the election results in the key swing states that he lost to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Whether it is former New York City mayor and federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani dripping hair dye as he rambles on promulgating evidence-free conspiracy theories, or Sidney Powell regurgitating equally undocumented voter fraud claims despite having been officially ejected from the team representing Trump after her legal filings were found to be riddled with factual and legal errors and the “kracken” never arrived, no member of the Trump legal arsenal has gone further off the deep end than attorney Lin Wood.

Starting his career as an ambulance-chasing personal injury lawyer in his native Georgia, Wood first garnered national attention as the attorney representing Richard Jewel, the security guard falsely accused in the Centennial Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta in 1996.

Wood then began specializing in defamation cases, perhaps giving him some insight into what he could get away with saying as he accused Georgia Republicans Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of working with the Chinese to help rig the election results for Biden.

For Wood, China is the ultimate enemy, a country that he accuses of manufacturing the COVID-19 virus in the lab as some sort of biological weapon.

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Now it has been revealed that the Georgia attorney’s former law partners have filed a suit against Wood that leads one to believe that he is even more unhinged than previously imagined, a difficult task to achieve.

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In a legal brief, the former partners in Wood’s firm allege that he was recorded admitting to physical assaults on two of them and has frequently claimed to possibly be the second coming of Christ in a messianic delusion of grandeur.

“’I might actually be Christ coming back for a second time in the form of an imperfect man, elevating Christ consciousness,’ an extraordinary footnote quotes Wood telling his partners. ‘That cause you to have a little bit of a chill? Who would be more eloquent to say what the will of God is, the belief of God in me,’” an article published by Law and Crime quotes a footnote in the partner’s suit.

“’I represent Moses,’ Wood allegedly declared on tape. ‘I represent Ananias the believer. I’m like the power of King David. Now look you all, I told you I was going to pray tonight to my God, not to myself, because to me there’s God and there’s me,’” the article details Wood speaking of his delusional client list.

Wood’s ex-partners saw their relationship with their former colleague begin to disintegrate late last year when he began to exhibit behavior that they considered “erratic, hostile, abusive, and threatening” according to their lawsuit.

“’In the Fall of 2019, defendant Wood also committed assault and battery on Grunberg in an elevator of a hotel during an out of town deposition,’ they wrote in their complaint, which also alleges that Wood attacked Wilson. ‘In both assaults, there was essentially no reason whatsoever for the attack, and defendant Wood later acknowledged and apologized for this violence,’” Law and Crime writes, adding that “‘The truth is that Wood has admitted to these assaults on multiple recordings,’ they wrote in a footnote, describing Wood’s denials as ‘malicious.’”

Naturally as a defamation specialist, Wood accused his former partners of a “shakedown effort,” and filed a countersuit against them.

The ex-colleagues, for their part, deny that calling him “mentally unstable,” “delusional,” or possessing a “God-complex” was defamatory given his clearly documented words. They promptly filed a counter-counter suit accusing Wood of filing a “frivolous” countersuit under Georgia’s anti-SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) law that sanctions those who abuse the court system to stifle speech.

The outcome of the various litigations remains to be seen, but suffice it to say that the character of Donald Trump’s legal representative here is perfectly matched to that of his client.

That’s a comparison that does not bode well for Mr. Wood’s career going forward.



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