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Chaos erupts after Pennsylvania Republicans refuse to seat newly elected Democratic State Senator

Chaos erupts after Pennsylvania Republicans refuse to seat newly elected Democratic State Senator

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Chaos unfolded in the Pennsylvania state house today after Republicans stopped Democratic Lt. Governor John Fetterman from running the first day of the new legislative session so they could block Democratic state senators from being seated.

In an astonishing display of disrespect for our democracy, the right-wing goons stopped State Senator Jim Brewster of Allegheny County from taking the oath of office despite his narrow election victory being certified by state officials. To do so, they attempted to remove Fetterman from the room for refusing to recognize their motion; Fetterman refused to leave, creating a bizarre scenario in which two people presided over the legislative session.

Election loser Nicole Ziccarelli is demanding that a judge throw out the election results due to the inclusion of several hundred mail-in votes that lacked a date, even though the state Supreme Court has already ruled that the votes should be counted.

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Until the legal issue is resolved, the Republicans say they will continue to refuse to seat Senator Brewster as they did today.

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Fetterman was deeply disturbed by the appalling display that unfolded in his chamber today — and what it means for the future.

“We’re at a dangerous time in this country. One party is ignoring court rulings and election results. If the results don’t match what they like, they do their level best to subvert them…I don’t know what their endgame is. I have no idea. I really don’t,” said Fetterman to Greg Sargent of the Washington Post

No matter what plays out tonight in the Georgia run-offs or tomorrow in the United States Senate, the terrifying reality is that no election in the United States will ever be accepted without challenge by Republicans ever again — which brings into question why they should be allowed to participate in democracy at all, since they have made it clear they have no desire to obey its results and will fight to overturn them every chance they get.

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