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Ivanka sparks avalanche of mockery after bizarrely tagging “Meat Loaf” in selfie with her dad

Ivanka sparks avalanche of mockery after bizarrely tagging “Meat Loaf” in selfie with her dad

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Twitter followers were perplexed yesterday when soon-to-be ex-First Daughter Ivanka  Trump posted a selfie with her dad taken while they were en route to Georgia on board AirForce One for his whine festival masquerading as a political rally for the two GOP senatorial candidates in today’s runoff election.

It wasn’t anything remarkable about the photo attached that created confusion in those that ran across the tweet.

It was a perfectly normal looking picture of the heavily face-painted Ivanka dominating the right half of the photo, while the distracted president paws away at his mobile phone in the background, likely tweeting lies about the election results to be subsequently tagged by the diligent folks at the social media giant.

One wouldn’t even think twice about the post if one were casually doom-scrolling through Twitter.

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But at least one eagle-eyed social media maven noticed something odd about the post, something that required a little digging around the margins of the Twitter interface.

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It seems that Ivanka had tagged her photo, something usually reserved for identifying the people in the image, but sometimes also used to highlight others related to the subject of the tweet.

At first glance, the people tagged in the post seemed fairly relevant to the purpose of the flight that the lame-duck president and his daughter were taking to Georgia.

There was the official account of the GOP, the party that they were going to campaign on behalf of.

There were Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, the two hopefully soon-to-be ex-Senators of Georgia, whom Trump ostensibly was going to support in between his evidence-free harangues about how the election was stolen from him.

There was Dan Scavino Jr., the White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications and Director of Social Media, a logical inclusion for a social media post.

Oddly, there was no tag for the most well-known person associated with the post, the only one who was actually in the photo with Ivanka.

There was, however, one other person tagged in the tweet who started heads scratching when people ran across it: the beefy 70’s rock star Meat Loaf.

Add your name to tell prosecutors to CHARGE TRUMP for trying to get Georgia’s Secretary of State to rig the election!

Exactly what the connection between the man who could see paradise by the dashboard light and the Georgia senatorial runoffs was the biggest mystery behind the tag in the tweet.

Twitter denizens scrambled like a bat out of hell to try to understand the reason behind his inclusion with the disreputable Republican politicians.

Some mistakenly thought it might be a tease for a surprise performance by the classic rock oldies act at the Georgia rally.

Some saw it as a hidden symbolic message.

Others used the puzzling tag as a stepping off point for parodic conspiracy theories that seemed no less plausible than anything Trump and his seditious Republican enablers have been spouting about election fraud.

Still others facetiously suggested that it might be a prank that Ivanka was playing on her father.

Most responders, however, merely mocked the First Daughter for mistakenly choosing to tag @RealMeatLoaf instead of @realDonaldTrump.

Visitors to the post currently won’t see the errant tag on Ivanka’s post any longer, since it was apparently deleted once the furor over the mistake came to public attention.

With only 15 days left until the Trump presidency draws to a close, perhaps Ivanka’s erroneous tweet best sums up the incompetence of the administration in a manner that caused the least amount of damage to our nation.

If only the other instances of incompetence had been as benign, as the US surpasses 350 thousand casualties of Donald Trump’s anemic pandemic response.

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Original reporting by Ed Mazza at HuffPost.

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