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Trump tries to discredit Georgia runoff results and gets shut down by state Republican official

Trump tries to discredit Georgia runoff results and gets shut down by state Republican official

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The future of the Biden presidency could very well be decided today in Georgia, where two runoff elections will determine control of the U.S. Senate. If Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock manage to clinch victory, Joe Biden will have a Congress eager and willing to pass an entire battery of measures desperately needed by the American people — from expanding COVID-19 relief to combating the existential threat of climate change. If the Republicans win, we can expect more of the same bad faith obstructionism that has defined their regressive party for decades.

Trump, who will soon be booted out of the White House when President-elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office, has flown down to Georgia to support the execrable candidates the GOP has put up for election even though there is speculation that his constant claims of rigged elections will ultimately depress Republican turnout in the runoffs.

Earlier today, Trump tweeted without evidence that “reports” from Georgia’s 12th Congressional District indicate that there are problems with Dominion Voting machines inside “certain Republican strongholds.” He further claimed that ballots are “being left in lock boxes” and implied that some Republican votes will not be counted.

In reality, Columbia County, the one in question, had some brief issues with the programming of paper-ballot scanners and the programming of poll worker cards. The problems were promptly addressed and fixed before 10 AM. Trump doesn’t care about these facts and sees the small hiccup as something he can exploit in bad faith to rile up his lunatic fans.

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The tweet is just the latest transparent attempt by Trump to delegitimize our elections. Dominion Voting Systems have become a central component in several debunked right-wing conspiracy theories about the presidential election, to the point where it now simply serves as shorthand for “Deep State fraud” to conservatives. The lack of proof doesn’t deter them from believing these ludicrous claims, and Trump himself has repeatedly fanned the flames.

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Fortunately for our democracy, there are still men and women willing to stand up to Trump’s lies even if most of the Republican Party refuses to manifest a spine. Gabriel Sterling, a Republican and Georgia’s voting system implementation manager, quote tweeted the president’s claims about Dominion and explained that the issue in Columbia County has already been resolved and that the public was informed about progress “in real time.”

“The votes of everyone will be protected and counted. Sorry you received old intel Mr. President,” he added. It was a succinct, factual response to a tweet that was anything but. Sterling should be commended and the president ignored. This election, whatever the results, will be conducted legitimately despite Trump’s best efforts to undermine it.

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