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“I’m gonna be in your backyard,” Don Jr. threatens the Republican Party in unhinged speech

“I’m gonna be in your backyard,” Don Jr. threatens the Republican Party in unhinged speech

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A final devastating nail was driven into the coffin of the Trump era by the good people of Georgia yesterday as Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock seized victory in their runoff elections, handing control of the Senate to the Democrats and a unified government to President-elect Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has ended his embarrassing tenure as a one-term president by burning his party to the ground, sparking a GOP civil war between the raving QAnon/MAGA faction and the establishment types, and paving the way for a transformational Biden administration. All things considered, this was the best possible outcome after the last disastrous four years of incompetence and kleptocracy.

Pathetically, Trump still refuses to admit that he lost the election despite Biden’s commanding electoral college victory and 7 million+ popular vote margin. Today, the raving MAGA faithful gathered in Washington D.C. for their idiotic “Stop the Steal” rally, an event built entirely around the delusional claim that mass voter fraud stole the election from Donald Trump. It bears repeating for the umpteenth time that there is absolutely no evidence to back up such conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump Jr., eager as usual to heap undeserved praise on his withholding father in the hope that some scrap of affection might be tossed to him like a stray dog, took to a stage outside the White House to address the rally crowd. Vox‘s Aaron Rupar compiled clips of the First Son’s speech and it was every bit as deranged as we’ve come to expect from this no-talent nepotism beneficient.

Add your name to tell prosecutors to CHARGE TRUMP for trying to get Georgia’s Secretary of State to rig the election!

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Continuing a trend he has manifested in recent days, a screeching Jr. went after the Republicans who have refused to “fight” for his father, which in this case means those Republicans who have refused to support President Trump’s attempts to illegally overturn the election and install himself in the White House for a second term. He insisted that the Republican Party doesn’t belong to these individuals but instead belongs to his father — an odd claim given the fact that Trump was just soundly defeated and will soon be ejected from the White House.

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The president’s son encouraged the crowd’s mistaken belief that Vice President Mike Pence and Republicans in Congress can, through some hitherto unnoticed Constitutional arcana, somehow hand the presidency to Donald Trump. He stated that these GOP officials can choose to be either a “hero” or a “zero,” sounding more like an uninspiring teenage camp counselor than a serious political figure.

If these Republicans refuse to perform this miracle for his dad, Trump Jr. warned them he will show up in their “backyard.” One struggles to imagine a more disturbing sight.

Watch the bizarre little song and dance below.

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