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Ivanka Trump forced to delete tweet after calling violent protestors “American Patriots”

Ivanka Trump forced to delete tweet after calling violent protestors “American Patriots”

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“That’s right, it’s come to this
Yes, it’s come to this
And wasn’t it a long way down?”

Leonard Cohen – “Dress Rehearsal Rag”

The armed insurrection by anti-democratic — and anti-Democratic — Trump supporters at the Capitol building was a devilish dream conjured up by a psychopathic president who encouraged exactly this type of response to his embarrassing loss by over seven million votes, a psychological blow that his already fragile self-image simply could not endure.

Now, his wanna-be princess daughter, Ivanka, is clutching her pearls and calling the domestic terrorists “American Patriots” in a tweet trying to contain the uncontrolled Frankenstein’s monster that her father created out of spite and resentment for his own failures.

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After posting this tweet, it was pointed out by several in the media that calling the violent right-wing mob “Patriots” might not be the best choice of words as the nation is glued to their TV screens in horror at the previously unthinkable storming of the Capitol.

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Ivanka quickly deleted her post and replaced it with a tweet clarifying her position after her characterization was challenged by CNN’s Trump family correspondent Kate Bennett.

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Funny how those responsible for instigating today’s violence through their failure to prevent the raging, defeated president from inciting his followers to reject the legitimate results of his defeat are suddenly inching away from the consequences of their actions.

There’s just one thing for Ivanka to keep in mind when this attempted coup is suppressed: remember the fate of Marie Antoinette.

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