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Rabid Trump fans break into Congress and stop election certification session

Rabid Trump fans break into Congress and stop election certification session

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For months, Trump and the right-wing propaganda network have been howling and screaming about how dangerous the “antifa” and Black Lives Matter protesters are and how much of a threat they pose to public safety — but once again, we’re shown that it’s the Trumpers who resort to violence at the drop of a hat.

As the counting of the Electoral College ballots and the certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 victory began, a mob of Trump supporters charged up the Capitol steps and began clashing with police officers.

The MAGA terrorists succeeded in breaking through the police barricades and eventually forced their way into the Capitol building itself, putting a stop to the Senate debate and triggering shelter-in-place protocols for all the lawmakers inside.

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Capitol police were forced to evacuate the United States Senate and all its Senators in order to protect them from the mob.

This was seemingly inevitable after all the energy that Trump and his allies have spent riling up his supporters, inciting violence, and painting himself as the victim of a conspiracy when in reality it is Trump himself who is attempting to subvert our democracy and orchestrate the world’s dumbest coup in broad daylight.

While the Trumpers say they are here to fight to uphold the Constitution, they are idiot pawns in a naked power grab by a would-be despot and have no respect for the rule of law or the institutions our nation was founded on.

But let’s call this what this is: the president of the United States incited a mob to sack the Capitol in order to steal an election for him.


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