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Trump gives wildly delusional and inciting speech to rally of his fans

Trump gives wildly delusional and inciting speech to rally of his fans

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Like an aging rock star playing greatest hits gigs for much-needed cash long past their career prime, Donald Trump took to the stage today at the raucous “Save America” rally in Washington DC looking to remind his fans of just how much they loved him in his prime.

And just like any bombastic arena concert, the performance was as full of smoke, mirrors, and the anemic posturing that the star still had the chops to deliver the goods to an audience eager to relive their past pleasures.

As Trump sauntered on to the stage in his overcoat and gloves, he weakly pumped his fist to the walk-on fanfare, only to arrive at the podium to become the victim of a recalcitrant sound system that seemingly didn’t want to transmit one more whine of lies about the election results from the delusional and desperate lame-duck.

Vox‘s Aaron Rupar kindly live-tweeted the proceedings on Twitter for the world to witness the last gasps of a rapidly decaying presidency before his assemblage of devoted imbibers of his deadly Kool-Aid.

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Trump ends his term much as he began it, lying about the size of the crowd that he had attracted, before launching into literally seditious rhetoric.

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In a nod to one of his greatest hits — that Twitter chart-climber “Shithole Countries” — Trump decided to add the United States to that category now that the majority of the electorate no longer is buying his schtick.

The mark of a true malignant narcissist is the inability to recognize that others may hold different views than themselves and then making grand pronouncements on their behalf,  no matter who untrue his words may be and no matter how unconstitutional his demands may be.

Still, Trump was cognizant enough of the reality of his loss to Joe Biden that he engaged in a bit of fantasy, yearning for a time machine to turn back the clock to before the election in which he was defeated so overwhelmingly and then engaging in some symbolic, ritualistic Republican cannibalism.

Trump amped up his criticism of those GOP members whom he feels haven’t done enough to violate their oath of office to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, letting him know that his vengeance waits in the wings.

One would think that it would be a crowd of angry Democrats who would be the first to chant “bullshit” en-masse at this president, but we live in strange times.

Trump continued with his defiant calls for the GOP to ignore reality and the Consitution, but not before naming names of those RINOs who have failed to join his fruitless crusade.

By now we know that the Vice-President is not willing to completely demolish his political career by acceding to Trump’s wishes, but the wanna-be autocrat continued his Hitler imitation as well as one would expect from someone who kept a copy of the German fascist’s speeches on his bedside table, according to his first wife. He also went even further back in his mental time machine to attack his 2016 opponent despite her relative absence from the political scene since her electoral college defeat.

Among the many lessons that Trump has failed to learn in the course of his life is the aphorism to not say anything at all if he doesn’t have anything nice to say.


The bitch fest continued as Trump recounted every grievance and phony propaganda point in his arsenal.

Trump continued with the fracturing of the Republican Party by attacking those GOP officials who still believe in democratic principles.

Trump’s assessment of the perfection of his phone calls remains a persistent delusion that he alone shares.

Trump telegraphed his future throwing of Mike Pence under the bus with his next rant.

The crowd began to react as if the drum solo had long since worn out its welcome and it was time to head to the refreshment stands.

Still, there were a few of his biggest hits that Trump still felt compelled to reprise.

If Trump was trying to inspire his crowd to violence he certainly succeeded if the brawls on the steps of the U.S. Capitol were any indication.

If this was the desperate president’s version of Hitler’s Reichstag speech, it fell far short of its predecessor in both its evil eloquence and its ultimate effectiveness.

As a last gasp of Trumpism, the departing president’s behavior today simply cements his legacy as the most despicable politician to ever take the America stage.

This was a farewell tour of a group — the Republican Party — rent asunder by the ego and malicious behavior of its camera-hogging leader.

Don’t be surprised if the GOP comeback tour plays to nearly empty venues, particularly if the leader of the band is forced to be held accountable for his misdeeds.

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Original reporting by Aaron Rupar at Vox.

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