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Trump issues loaded last-minute demand to Mike Pence he can’t possibly fulfill

Trump issues loaded last-minute demand to Mike Pence he can’t possibly fulfill

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On the morning of January 6th, the day that the electors are certified by the United States Congress and Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election is set in stone, soon-to-be-ex-President Donald Trump took to Twitter to issue his final, desperate plea.

In a pathetic show of desperation and petulance, Trump begged his Vice-President Mike Pence to do the impossible and send the votes “back to their states,” claiming that states needed to fix “irregularities and fraud.” This constitutes a wild misunderstanding of what the Vice-President’s role in the entire affair actually is, which in reality is largely ceremonial and mostly involves presiding over the vote receiving and certification session.

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Pence is reported to have told Trump that he does not have the power to “reject” the congressional certification of the Joe Biden victory, but Trump is so lost in his delusions and so deaf to anything he doesn’t want to hear that he instead is putting Pence directly on the chopping block if he fails to deliver what Trump wants.

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White House reporters are saying that Trump plans to publicly excoriate his Vice-President if he fails to deliver him the election, which puts Pence in an impossible bind — but one that he much deserves. The so-called Christian has carried water for Trump since even before the notorious Access Hollywood video in which Trump admits to sexual assault; he’s stood by Trump and aided and abetted his most destructive impulsive, even taking a front-line role in the deliberate botching of the federal response to the coronavirus crisis that has killed over 350,000 people.

Public humiliation and abuse from a fat old demented narcissist is but a sliver of the comeuppance that a racist homophobic plutocrat like Mike Pence deserves, but it’s certainly a start. With the reality of defeat closing in on him, Trump has made it his mission to punish everyone who has failed him and discredit them in the eyes of the MAGA voters, and in his eyes, Pence’s is the greatest betrayal of all.

These past four years have been an utter nightmare, but we do appreciate the Trump klan’s dedication to ending the political careers of everyone of any significance in the Republican Party.

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