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AOC tears into Lindsey Graham for asking we “move on” from Trump’s Capitol riot

AOC tears into Lindsey Graham for asking we “move on” from Trump’s Capitol riot

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In the wake of the open insurrection and storming of the Capitol building by Trump supporters on Wednesday, some Republicans have been scrambling to put distance between themselves and the president who fomented the attack. These efforts have largely amounted to little more than milquetoast denunciations of those involved in a violent siege that left several people dead.

It appears that even after a direct attack on our sacred tradition of a peaceful transference of power, these craven GOP cowards can’t bring themselves to call for the removal of the president, so afraid are they of infuriating his base and damaging their own political careers.

This morning, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), a sniveling toady of a man who has consistently defended the president’s worst behavior over the past four years, voiced his support for the utterly insincere video Trump released yesterday, in which the president called for the country to move on and heal. Importantly, the White House released the clip of a subdued Trump mumbling out boilerplate comments only after talk of invoking the 25th Amendment began to swirl. This president doesn’t care about unity, he’s just afraid he may have finally gone too far and is terrified of the possible consequences.

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Graham insisted in his tweets that a decision by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to pursue impeachment would do “more harm than good” and not-so-subtly urged President-elect Joe Biden to voice opposition to such a move. He implied that Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is only interested in impeachment because he needs to appease the far left, a rich criticism from a man who has consistently twisted himself into absurd contortions to placate far-right MAGA lunatics.

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Ludicrously, Graham stated that impeaching Trump—a man who just tried to topple our democratic system—would set a “dangerous precedent” for future presidencies.

“It will take both parties to heal the nation,” added the senator who has for years supported attempts to paint Democrats as evil, America-hating Communists and aided a president who has large chunks of supporters who believe Democrats are satanic pedophiles. The fact is this country does need to heal, but the only way that can happen is if the people responsible for all this damage are held accountable.

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It’s worth noting that nowhere did Graham say Trump didn’t deserve to be removed, or that he wasn’t responsible for the insurrection. No, his spineless defense of the president comes to us disguised as him caring about the welfare of the Republic.

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Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), always one of the first to call out GOP hypocrisy, responded to Graham’s tweets with incredulity, stunned that he would have the gall to call for the country to just “move on” after all that’s happened. She correctly pointed out that “moving on” doesn’t mean “forget about it” because “‘moving on’ requires accountability.” AOC slammed Graham for defending the attack on the Capitol and pointed out that a Capitol Police officer died in the chaos.

The Congresswoman is absolutely right. If Democrats had swarmed the Capitol, Republicans would have been calling to shoot them in the streets. If a police officer had died because of liberals they would have labeled our entire party a domestic terrorist organization and pursued every legal avenue available. Democrats must pursue removal lest or else another Republican might copy Trump’s playbook down the road, perhaps to even grimmer success.

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