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Oops! Republican lawmaker arrested after live-streaming himself storming the Capitol

Oops! Republican lawmaker arrested after live-streaming himself storming the Capitol

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Every single person who stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday should be found, arrested, and charged with insurrection. These people chose to rise up against the legitimately elected government on behalf of their wannabe potentate and people died as a result.

Who knows what would have happened if the frothing MAGA mob had actually managed to get their hands on members of Congress? The riot could have easily devolved into a hostage situation or massacre and the president would have been squarely to blame.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that every person involved in the Capitol Hill siege will be identified and indicted but we can take some satisfaction in those the authorities do manage to locate.

That satisfaction can be doubly enjoyed in the case of Derrick Evans, a Republican Delegate in the West Virginia Legislature who is facing federal charges after live-streaming himself taking part in the insurrection. D.C.’s U.S Attorney Michael Sherwin announced Evans’s charges during a press briefing earlier today. Evans is being charged with entering a restricted government building.

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“We’re in! We’re in! Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” the lawmaker said during his stream, leaving no doubt as to his identity or IQ.

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Try for a moment to imagine the sheer entitlement one must feel to broadcast your real name and face while in the midst of committing a crime. His behavior, like that of many of those who filmed themselves engaged in the insurrection, would seem to indicate that they all expected their putsch to succeed and for President Trump to protect them from the consequences of their actions.

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The intellect-absent Evans was arrested today at his home in Wayne County, an event which was caught on video for our viewing pleasure. In it, Evans’s grandmother says he is a “fine man,” a claim which can be characterized as dubious at best. A “fine man” doesn’t shirk his duties as an elected official to join a fascist uprising.

Hopefully, Evans is convicted and serves jail time for his crimes. If these people are not held accountable it will only encourage similar acts in the future. They may have failed to accomplish anything beyond bodily harm and material damage this time, but a more organized focused coup attempt modeled after Wednesday’s attempt could yield far worse results down the road. The government must send a clear message to Trump supporters that any attempt to overthrow our democracy will be dealt with harshly.

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