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Reap what you sow: Trump supporters harass and scream “TRAITOR” at Lindsey Graham

Reap what you sow: Trump supporters harass and scream “TRAITOR” at Lindsey Graham

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I know that you absolutely do not have to hand it to them, but it is extremely gratifying to see the vigor with which the Trump supporters turn on their own and publicly humiliate the politicians who they feel betray them.

Since Trump took office, Graham has tried to play both the part of the sycophantic lapdog while trying to keep up his pretensions at being a “pRiNciPleD RePuBlIcAn,” leading him to break with the President far more often than his base deems acceptable.

But Graham has also happily debased himself on behalf of Trump, publicly abusing his Senate position to launch a political investigation into Joe Biden’s son Hunter over his Ukrainian business dealings and defended the President’s efforts to solicit or otherwise invent incriminating evidence to try to smear then-Democratic nominee Joe Biden and his family with.

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After carrying the President’s water for four years, the invasion of the Capitol building and the most meager of threats to his person has proven to be the final straw for Graham. The South Carolinian Senator publicly broke with Trump on Wednesday morning, declaring that Trump  “needs to understand that his actions were the problem, not the solution” and blasted Trump’s efforts to overturn the election results were “over the top, unconstitutional, illegal and would have been wrong for the country.”

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This did not prove to be popular among Trump fans, who rewarded his years of serving as a lickspittle for a would-be authoritarian strongman by hounding him at the airport, screaming “TRAITOR!” at him as he walks through the airport.

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During the 2016 Republican primary, Lindsey Graham tweeted that “If we nominate Trump, we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.” After spending the next four years going out of his way to do nearly everything that Trump asked him to do, no matter how hypocritical or corrupt it was, getting hounded by a bunch of hooting goons is the least that Graham deserves for folding over and being an obediant lapdog to the worst president our nation has ever seen.


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