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White House lashes out in absurd response to a second impeachment calling it “political”

White House lashes out in absurd response to a second impeachment calling it “political”

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It now seems likely that the Democratically-controlled House of Representatives will move forward with impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump for his part in the insurrection that occurred in Washington D.C. on Wednesday when an army of Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, resulting in the deaths of several people and the evacuation of Congress.

The Capitol uprising was by far the darkest day yet in Trump’s four-year-long assault on democracy and the most obvious proof yet that there is no tradition, not even the peaceful transfer of power, so sacred that this president won’t destroy it in pursuit of his own base political interests. Never before has a president urged his followers to overturn a legitimate election and his refusal to forcefully call them off as his minions swarmed across police barricades deserves serious legal consequences.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has made it clear that she believes Trump poses a dire threat to our Republic and that if Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet refuse to remove him through the 25th Amendment, impeachment will offer a path forward. This talk of a second impeachment and possible removal has clearly rattled Trump, and yesterday he released a completely unconvincing call for unity and healing while acknowledging that a new administration will take power on January 20th.

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Almost immediately after releasing the clip he reportedly had “second thoughts” about his pseudo-concession speech,  a clear indication that he could still decide between now and Inauguration Day to escalate his assault on the election results. Impeachment and removal is the only way to ensure the safety of our nation until President-elect Joe Biden assumes office.

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CNN’s Kaitlin Collins appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper and reported that the White House responded to the impeachment rumblings today. A spokesman for the administration stressed President Trump’s calls for “healing and unity as one nation” and laughably dismissed the impeachment talk as “politically motivated,” as if everyone in the world didn’t watch Wednesday’s events unfold. This isn’t “political,” it’s about ensuring the survival of our Republic.

The spokesman said impeachment would “further divide” the United States, a ludicrous line of argument given the way Trump set out from day one to divide us along racial, socioeconomic, and partisan lines. These people have never cared about the United States and they’re not about to start now.

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To be clear: there can be no healing until the people responsible for the Capitol Hill insurrection, including Donald Trump, are held accountable and a clear message is sent to the world that attempting to overthrow an American election will be met with the harshest of retributions.

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