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Don Jr. cries “1984!” in meltdown over his dad’s Twitter ban and gets roasted

Don Jr. cries “1984!” in meltdown over his dad’s Twitter ban and gets roasted

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Last night, Donald Trump was finally banned from Twitter for good, his mouthpiece to the masses muzzled for inciting violence and egging on his rioting supporters during and after Tuesday’s astonishing Capitol Hill siege.

The president’s terminally online son, Donald Trump Jr., predictably took to his Twitter account and melted down in hysterical fashion, moaning that we were now living in Orwell’s 1984 and that free speech no longer “existed” in America.

The right-wing’s obsession with calling everything they don’t like “1984″ is reaching unsustainable levels. Just a few days ago, Josh Hawley whined that it was “Orwellian” for him to lose his book contract after a photograph of him egging on the Capitol Hill mob went viral on social media. In the conservative mind, any consequence for their actions that they don’t like is “Orwellian,” and the more they don’t like it, the more “Orwellian” it is.

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Or, to put it another way:

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Sadly for Don Jr., his father agreed to the Twitter Terms of Service when he signed up for the site, and if he wanted to not get banned, he should have simply not used his Twitter account to incite a lynch mob against his own vice-president. 

Twitter users immediately piled on and gave the man with the potential to be America’s First Imprisoned Son the ribbing he deserves:

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