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Melania finally addresses insurrection, whines about the “gossip” about her and plagiarizes herself

Melania finally addresses insurrection, whines about the “gossip” about her and plagiarizes herself

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There can be little doubt now that the Capitol insurrection last Wednesday will be the defining moment of Donald Trump’s historically disastrous presidency. Urged on by his lies about how the election is being stolen from him and democracy undermined, a mob of MAGA supporters stormed the seat of our government, resulting in numerous deaths and injuries. While the poorly-executed efforts to block the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory ultimately failed, the siege still amounted to a wholesale rejection of our nation’s tradition of a peaceful transfer of power.

In the wake of the illegal uprising, some Republicans have been scrambling to distance themselves from the day’s events but most of them are still too cowardly to call for the impeachment and removal of President Trump. Some seem to be biding their time, waiting till they get a better sense of the political fallout before making their move.

First Lady Melania, a reliably craven accomplice to her husband, finally addressed the insurrection today in an official statement. As should be expected from a woman as habitually enabling as her, she completely failed to hold President Trump accountable and instead made it all about herself.

The First Lady said her “heart goes out” to those who died at the Capitol and claimed that she is praying for their families. “I am disappointed and disheartened with what happened last week,” she stated, sidestepping the actual details of the insurrection so as to avoid addressing her husband’s pivotal role in all of it.

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Melania then shamelessly pivoted to victimhood rhetoric that would make even her infamously shameless husband blush. She decried the “salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations against me” which she claims have been leveled by people pursuing some kind of “agenda.” Without a trace of irony, the woman who has stood by silently as her husband unleashed incalculable cruelty and damage on this country stated that it is now a time for “healing.”

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Make no mistake, when people like Melania call for “healing” what they’re really calling for is for us to not hold them accountable. There can be no healing until those involved in a direct assault on our democracy are punished.

From there, the statement went on to reel off a series of inane platitudes about respecting different races and political ideologies, advice that Melania and President Trump would have been wise to adopt long ago. Pathetically, the only part of the statement that actually reads as sincere is the section where she whines about herself. Her concerns about the broader country are painfully disingenuous.

As it turns out, the First Lady cared so little about her statement that she apparently decided to plagiarize herself, lifting sections from a speech she gave at the RNC in August. CNN’s Kate Bennet compared the two transcripts and found nearly identical versions of the line: “The common thread in all of these challenging situations is Americans’ unwavering resolve to help one another.” This is not the first time Melania has had an issue with originality and was mocked previously for stealing part of a speech from Michelle Obama.

The First Lady should be ashamed of herself for this self-serving, self-quoting drivel but she long ago made it clear she’s incapable of feeling shame.

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