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Twitter goes wild after State Department website says Trump’s term is over

Twitter goes wild after State Department website says Trump’s term is over

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The House of Representatives is currently moving forward with a second impeachment of Donald Trump after his supporters, urged on by his lies about the election, stormed the Capitol last week in an act of open insurrection against the legitimately elected government of the United States.

There have been also calls for Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet to remove the president through the 25th Amendment before he can inflict any more damage on our democracy but so far these Republicans have demonstrated the same cowardice and refusal to act that has defined them for the past four years.

While it’s still unclear how impeachment will fare once it hits the Senate (which will be under Republican control until January 20th) there now appears to be a nonzero chance that Donald Trump could be the first president in American history removed from office. If so, he would be barred from holding federal office in the future, dashing his plans to possibly run again in 2024. Were he a different man, it would be worth speculating that resignation could be on the table but by now it’s become clear that Trump simply doesn’t have the pathological ability to admit that kind of fault.

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With all of this uncertainty swirling around, a change to the State Department website today immediately caught the attention of some careful observers. Buzzfeed News’s Christopher Miller shared a screenshot of the official government website which had been changed to state that President Trump’s term ended today.

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Twitter users seized upon the news, unleashing a wave of speculation and jokes.

Miller followed the tweet up a bit later to report that sources have revealed that a “disgruntled staffer” at the State Department was behind the unauthorized alteration to the website. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reportedly ordered the department to open an investigation into the incident.

In the meantime, those of us eagerly awaiting the day Trump leaves office will just have to wait a little longer.

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