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Combative Trump warns that 25th Amendment will “haunt” Biden in ominous speech

Combative Trump warns that 25th Amendment will “haunt” Biden in ominous speech

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President Trump flew down to Texas today to celebrate the construction of a segment of his wasteful and pointless border wall, demonstrating that xenophobia, racism, and baseless fearmongering will define his presidency down to the very last moments of his disastrous one-term tenure. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is trying to sort through last Wednesday’s insurrection and the president’s role in inciting his supporters to storm the Capitol, resulting in death.

Calls for impeachment in the House have mounted and it now seems likely that Trump will be the first president in American history to be impeached twice — a shameful distinction of which he is deeply deserving. Invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump would have been a quicker, safer way of disposing of this dangerous president but Vice President Mike Pence and the Cabinet have reified widespread perception that they’re nothing more than craven hollow suits by refusing to act. By leaving Trump in power even a day longer they’re rolling the dice with our democracy, praying that he won’t pursue even more violent efforts to overturn the election which will soon seem him ousted from the White House.

Trump himself appears predictably emboldened by Pence’s failure to act and during his remarks in Texas today he claimed that the 25th Amendment poses “zero risk to him.” Taking this bold claim a step further, he stated that the 25th might actually come back to “haunt” President Biden who should, in turn, be “careful” what he wishes for. The insinuation is absurd at face value because Biden will not need to be removed by his Cabinet because Biden will not incite open insurrection against the U.S. government.

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In a whip-lash inducing pivot, Trump then went on to say it’s time for the “nation to heal” and for “peace and calm,” by which he means we should all just forget that his followers tried to destroy democracy itself last week. Our career criminal president then insisted that respecting law enforcement is the foundation of the “MAGA agenda,” something which it might have been helpful to relay to the Trumpists who killed a police officer during the Capitol siege.

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The biggest takeaway from his deranged speech is that Trump remains completely unrepentant. He still hasn’t abandoned his false claims about the election and continues to paint himself as the victim of a Democratic witch hunt. Every time he opens his mouth he makes a compelling case for his own impeachment and removal.

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