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Democrat Jim McGovern publicly holds Jim Jordan’s feet to the fire over Biden election in hearing

Democrat Jim McGovern publicly holds Jim Jordan’s feet to the fire over Biden election in hearing

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Last week, a mob of Trump-supporting Republicans stormed the Capitol in a vain attempt to prevent Congress from affirming President-elect Biden’s victory, resulting in the deaths of several people. Now, Republicans are insisting without an ounce of irony that it’s time to unify and heal as a nation with the obvious implication that the people responsible for last week’s insurrection should not be held accountable or even further discussed.

The truth is that GOP doesn’t actually want some kind of nebulous national “healing,” they want absolution without admitting guilt. The President of the United States—the man the Republican Party has enabled and empowered as its leader for the past four years—urged a crowd to overthrow our democracy because he couldn’t accept the fact that he lost in a free and fair election. No healing can be possible until that reality is addressed and the perpetrators, including Trump himself, are punished.

During a House Rules Committee hearing today on the possible removal of Donald Trump from office, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a spineless cretin of a man perhaps best known for his role in ignoring rampant sexual abuse during his time as a coach at Ohio State University, called for that amorphous “unity” that Republicans claim they’re now dying to pursue after years of demonizing Democrats as evil Satanic Communists out to destroy America.

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House Rules Committee Chair Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) immediately pounced on Jordan’s disingenuous comments.

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“You know Mr. Jordan this isn’t a both sides issue,” said McGovern. “Our Capitol was attacked. Five people are dead. Countless people are wounded. We had a group of domestic terrorists, homegrown fascists that came to the Capitol Building to desecrate this symbol of democracy and freedom and to do harm to people.”

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“And with all due respect, I’m glad that all it took for you to call for ‘unity and healing’ was for our freedom and our democracy to be attacked. But for the last several months the gentleman from Ohio and others have given oxygen to the president’s conspiracy theories,” McGovern went on, refusing to let Jordan wriggle away from the insurrection he helped lay the groundwork for.

“And we all want healing but in order to get to healing, we need truth and accountability. I mean, people came to the Capitol Building to try to launch a coup, to stop us from upholding our Constitutional responsibilities,” said McGovern before recounting his experience in the Capitol during the mob’s siege. He explained how he saw “hate” and “evil” in the eyes of the insurrectionists.

Lest anyone mistake Jordan’s calls for “unity” as sincere, later on in the hearing Jordan refused to state unequivocally that Joe Biden won the election. Instead, he tried to weasel his way out of the question by admitting that Biden will be the next president without conceding that he won fairly.

Apparently, not even a literal coup is enough to make this career coward risk alienating the MAGA base. At a pivotal moment for this country, Jordan is failing not only the people of Ohio but of the entire country. History is watching and unlike Jim when molestation is taking place, it won’t look away.

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