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Newly elected Republican Congresswoman provokes standoff with Capitol Police over her bag

Newly elected Republican Congresswoman provokes standoff with Capitol Police over her bag

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With each passing year, the incoming Republican freshmen representatives are increasingly unhinged from the outset and always eager to prove their conservative chops with some kind of outrageous stunt.

Newly elected Lauren Boebert (R-CO), a devotee of the QAnon conspiracy, gained notoriety around the country for her brazen declaration that she will carry her Glock in the halls of Congress.

On Tuesday night, that desire to bear arms clashed with the new security measures installed on Capitol Hill in the wake of the mob riot that disrupted the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral college votes on January 6th.

Ironically, Boebert had celebrated the disturbing event, tweeting “today is 1776” in a staggeringly lazy and barely comprehensible attempt to equate the storming of a Congress by a mass of petit-bourgeois small business tyrants and brain-broken ex-Air Force officers with the Revolutionary War that gave birth to the democracy that said bloated and seething mass of overprivileged whiteness was trying to overturn.

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Boebert found herself in a standoff with Capitol Police over her bag, which had set off both the new metal detectors and Boebert’s sense of outraged entitlement. She refused to allow the bag to be searched.

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Unfortunately, the Capitol Police once again laid down and allowed rabid right-wing extremists to walk all over them. Reps. Louie Gohmert, Steve Stivers, Van Taylor, Lauren Boebert, Debbie Lesko, and Larry Bucshon were all allowed into Congress without having their bags checked. 

Boebert has barely been in Congress for a month and she’s already made a strong case for her immediate expulsion. Not only did she cheer on the mob that defiled the Capitol building, she posted Nancy Pelosi’s location to social media during the attack, almost certainly in hopes of something “accidentally ” happening to her. She’s been arrested four times already and her husband has previously been arrested for exposing himself to a minor at a bowling alley.

She is already a disgrace to the office she has been elected to hold and should face serious consequences for her outrageous behavior.

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