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Rep. Mo Brooks melts down and issues hysterical press release in response to censure bill against him

Rep. Mo Brooks melts down and issues hysterical press release in response to censure bill against him

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The Republican Congressmen who were directly involved with the planning of and spoke at the January 6th Trump rally that turned into a seditious assault on Capitol Hill are growing increasingly nervous that there might be consequences for them — and are reacting in bizarre ways.

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), a radical Trump extremist and a man whose brain is entirely rotten sewage, went off the deep end on Tuesday afternoon when his office released a hysterical and deeply weird press release entitled “CONGRESSMAN MO BROOKS REBUTS VICIOUS & SCURRILOUS FAKE NEWS MEDIA AND SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT ATTACKS.”

Railing against the “George Orwellian, 1984, Socialist Democrats Politics of Personal Destruction” attack strategy being used by the fake news media and the Democrats to impugn the reputation of a simple country legislator, Brooks complained that he took “offense at anyone who suggests I am so politically inexperienced as to want to torpedo my honest and accurate election system effort I spent months fighting on.”

The “honest and accurate election system effort,” of course, is Trump’s half-assed and entirely baseless effort to lie and sue his way into overturning the 2020 election.

Then it gets weird:

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Brooks took it upon himself to write an entire summary of his background in what one online user described as “middle school book report energy:”

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Let me share a little about myself.  My long-time acquaintances and family would describe me as a straight arrow or a “square”. I have never smoked tobacco. I don’t consume alcohol. I have never taken illegal drugs. I have never been accused or convicted of any felonies or misdemeanors. In half a century of driving, I have never had a DUI, a reckless driving ticket or even a speeding ticket. I did once misjudge a traffic light and deservedly got a ticket, but that is it. I have never had a vehicle wreck in which anyone claimed I was at fault. My parents raised me to be a good, self-supporting citizen and I have strived to be just that. My parents also encouraged me to participate in government if the opportunity arose, as this was a part of my ancestry. On my mother’s side, we have a North Carolina ancestral history that includes a county sheriff, a state legislator, a board of education member, a road commissioner, and the like. In fact, the first rest stop you come to on I-40 when you enter North Carolina from Tennessee is named after my grandfather, D. Reeves Noland.

What the point of any of this is is beyond comprehension, except to remind us all of how extremely uncool Mo Brooks is.

Brooks then begins to address the accusations in the Censure Resolution introduced against him yesterday in the House of Representatives and argues that he had no idea that there were any right-wing extremist groups at the rally (impossible) and engage in insane mental gymnastics to argue that his speech, in which he urged the rallygoers to “take names and kick ass,” was not violent:

My message is NOT violence, it is WORDS. Only the most malevolent or partisan of people would construe my speech otherwise.

At the very end of my speech, I emphasize that:

“What are the simple words we must shout to the heavens and carry, the message, to Capitol Hill? What are the words that cause Socialists and weak-kneed Republicans on Capitol Hill to shake in their boots and cower in their foxholes?

What are the words that scare the hell out of Socialists and weak-kneed Republicans alike?

Join with me! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Washington! America! Heed those words, because we’re going to carry them right to you.

That is right.  I exhorted the Trump rally attendees to bring wordsNOT VIOLENCE, to the U.S. Capitol.

And those words are USAUSAUSA.

Brooks’ press release is 2,758 words long, and each one of them is further evidence that Brooks is entirely unfit to hold elected office and exists in a world of selfish delusion as divorced from reality as Donald Trump is. While he may get all huffy and puffy over being censured, the meaningless and ceremonial slap on the wrist is the least that this racist goon deserves.

Expulsion from Congress should be just the start for Brooks and the rest of his fellow Republican traitors.

Read the entirety of Brooks’ statement here, if you must.

Social media immediately went wild:

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