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Trump is defiant and unrepentant in first media confrontation over Capitol Hill mob

Trump is defiant and unrepentant in first media confrontation over Capitol Hill mob

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One might think that facing a second impeachment push and general ostracization from polite society might instill a little more humility and regret in a person, but not Donald Trump.

On Tuesday morning, President Trump finally spoke to the press for the first time since he helped incite a mob of his supporters that stormed Capitol Hill and disrupted the certification of the electoral college votes.

Predictably, the soon-to-be-ex-president showed no remorse and took no responsibility for his part in last week’s terrifying events, even having the nerve to pull his mobster-style intimation of violence shtick when asked about the possibility of facing accountability.

When a reporter asked him about Jan 6th. rally speech in which Trump urged his supporters to “fight harder” and told them to march to the Capitol building to “make their voices heard,” Trump claimed that it’s been “analyzed” and people thought it was “totally appropriate” — a stunning and deluded fabrication.

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When reporters asked him about the possibility of a second impeachment trial, Trump had the gall to warn that it was causing “tremendous danger” and “tremendous anger,” the subtext of which could not be any clearer in the wake of the January 6th mob riot. But as usual, Trump gave himself plausible deniability by adding that he wanted “no violence.”

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His remarks simply reinforce how important it is that we expel this man from the White House in disgrace and ensure that he can never hold political office again in the United States. The damage that he has done to the nation is calculable in some ways, like 376,000 dead from the coronavirus pandemic and a 36% increase to the national debt, but there is no way to quantify what he has done to our democracy and the public perception of election integrity.

The worst part is that simply kicking him out of office won’t stop him; if we know anything at all about Donald Trump, it’s that his insatiable drive for vengeance will lead him to do whatever he can to undermine Joe Biden’s presidency and his efforts to reunite the country.

Justice and reason alike demand that the Biden administration prosecute Trump for his countless crimes and silence this malevolent avatar of human sin once and for all.

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