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Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend caught fleeing New York City in disgrace

Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend caught fleeing New York City in disgrace

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Now that their seditious daddy has accomplished the unique disgrace of becoming the first president to be impeached twice — in the space of a single term, no less — the children of Donald Trump will have to figure out what to do next now that their father has squandered any remaining brand value the family name may have retained after his shameful presidency and left the Trump Organization finances in tatters.

While the names of both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. have been floated as potential political heirs to the disgraced president by Republicans greedy for the kind of populist fervor that their father inspired among the populace brainwashed by the right-wing propaganda/fund-raising machine, each of them is facing some significant obstacles in their future to any post-insurrection electioneering.

Take Donald Trump Jr….please! (Insert rimshot here.)

The eldest of the Trump spawn and his girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle, who talks like her mouth is perpetually stuck in all-caps mode, are now reportedly following the twice-impeached president in leaving their New York City home to move to the more politically friendly climes of Florida, according to home-town newspaper The New York Post.

With the announcement today that the government of the city of New York would be canceling all of the contracts that the Trump Organization holds to manage its concessions — like the Central Park skating rink and the Ferry Point Golf course in the Bronx — on account of the president’s incitement of the Capitol insurrection, Don Jr. and his fiance likely have good reason to believe that the city that never sleeps has been up all night generating hostility towards the Trump family and that their welcome mat has been withdrawn.

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“There is no way they can stay in New York. They’d be tortured in the streets,” The Post reports that one source close to the family said.

While the hyperbolic description of the reaction with which most New Yorkers would likely greet the tainted couple is slightly exaggerated, there is no doubt that it would be impossible for the Trump family to go back to the type of unfettered and privileged existence that they previously had living in the wealthy echelons of New York society

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Junior and Guilkfoyle are reportedly looking at homes in Jupiter, Florida, close to Jr.’s ex-wife, Vanessa, and their five children. There is also a Trump-branded golf course, the Trump National Golf Club Jupiter, nearby as well.

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His sister, Ivanka, and her husband Jared Kushner, also look like they will be moving to the Sunshine State, having purchased a $30 million lot on Indian Creek Island,  about an hour and a half away from Jupiter.

If Jared and Ivanka were expecting a warmer welcome in Florida, their new prospective neighbors don’t seem exactly thrilled at the prospect of having the new kids on the block.

Members of the local posh country club on the island reportedly have already made it known that the sedition-adjacent couple would not be welcome to apply for membership, according to an item in The New York Post‘s Page Six gossip column.

“You have to be nominated and make a formal application. But it only takes one member to object against any new member, and many members are objecting, particularly after the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6,” a source told Page Six.

“The Indian Creek Country Club members are very picky and the word is that Javanka need not apply.”

“Jared and Ivanka can lunch with their fellow ‘patriots’ at Mar-a-Lago,” the source said dismissively.

Grab your tiny violins to play a mournful rhapsody for the Trump children.

If there is any justice in this country, however, the entire Trump family won’t have to worry about what locale may be welcoming to them in Donald Trump’s post-presidential years.

Many people in this nation would love to provide them with food, clothing, and shelter at continued government expense at one of the many federal prisons ready and waiting for their arrival.

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Original reporting by Jennifer Gould and by Emily Smith at The New York Post

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