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Jim Jordan does wild mental gymnastics to use the moon landing in Trump defense

Jim Jordan does wild mental gymnastics to use the moon landing in Trump defense

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The House of Representatives is holding hearings on Donald Trump’s second impeachment today in response to the Capitol insurrection that the president himself incited last week. At this point, no rational argument can be made that this dangerous man should remain in office. He has betrayed his oath of office beyond even the worst nightmares of the Founders. His rhetoric directly contributed to several deaths and an assault on our nation’s seat of government. Every day he remains in power is another day we risk him urging his supporters to more acts of violence.

Some Republicans have already voiced their support for Trump’s impeachment, eager to distance themselves from an administration they’ve supported for the past few years in its waning days. More tellingly, some who could have been counted as the president’s most loyal allies just over a week ago are stopping shy of saying impeachment is uncalled for, choosing instead to argue that doing so will “divide” the country (as if there could be anything more divisive than full-blown insurrection).

These cowards seem to realize that Wednesday’s violence is impossible to defend and are hoping their tepid calls for the nation to simply move on will save them from having to take the obvious, necessary action of removing a president who still maintains powerful popularity with their voters.

Yesterday, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), a man whose biggest horrific claim to fame is his ignoring of sexual abuse while working as an Ohio State University coach, gave a spineless call for unity during a removal hearing in House Rules Committee. His pathetic little rhetorical ploy was shredded by Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) but today Jordan gave an even more bizarre argument against impeachment.

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Jordan stated that “America is a great country” before launching into a weird, incoherent speech about the Wright Brothers and the evolution of flight, a topic which could not possibly have any less to do with the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump for crimes committed against this country.

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“In forty-four years we go from two guys flying a contraption they called a plane a few hundred feet to Chuck Yeager breaking the sound barrier and twenty-two years after that… Twenty-two years after that another American step on the moon. Think about it,” rambled Jordan. “In one lifetime, in sixty-six years, two guys flying a hundred feet to putting a man on the moon. That’s what this country is capable of! That’s what we can do!” he added.

It must be pointed out that if the United States had been cursed to be led by men like Jim Jordan and Donald Trump throughout its entire history we probably wouldn’t even have a country to speak of. Or if we did it would be nothing more than a regressive backwater known for nothing more than bigotry and ignorance. All of this nation’s great accomplishments, all of its strengths and virtues come from people who were in every way the opposites of Jordan and his idiotic president.

“And we as the Congress who represent the people who did that should start leading, should start understanding what really is going on here,” Jordan went on. “So I hope, I hope we defeat this… I hope we can begin to come together and recognize the greatness of the American people and focus on the things they want us to focus on,” he concluded.

Jordan is a man known neither for intelligence nor eloquence so it can be a little difficult to parse his inane remarks sometimes but it appears that he thinks the real argument against impeachment is that it will distract Congress from taking on other, more important topics. What could possibly be more important than punishing a president for trying to overthrow our legitimate government is anyone’s guess but it’s clear Jordan is running out of defenses here.

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