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Trump Jr. posts bizarre, rambling video pitching dumb ideas to Elon Musk

Trump Jr. posts bizarre, rambling video pitching dumb ideas to Elon Musk

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The abrupt and infuriatingly overdue decline of the Trump brand has blindsided the aforementioned Trump family. While patriarch Donald J. Trump has been stripped of all of his social media accounts and cannot share his rage and frustration with the world, his son Don Jr. still has his accounts and is reacting in fairly bizarre fashion to the 180-degree turn that tech companies have taken against Trump and the psychotic right-wing social media machine.

Don Jr. posted a video to his Instagram now in which he complained about the “censorship” of conservatives — who committed no crimes except some minor plotting of armed insurrection and making violent threats against members of Congress and the Vice-President — and came up with a novel solution: have billionaire and fellow reactionary moron Elon Musk “create a new social media platform!”

“You guys, Don Jr. here, wanted to come up with uh, something to deal with some of this uh, some of this nonsense and the censorship that’s going on right now, obviously only targeted one way, and I said, why doesn’t Elon Musk create a social media platform? I mean, this guy put MANNED PEOPLE INTO SPACE. Uhhhhh…”

Social media wondered if Don Jr. was possibly on some kind of chemical stimulant, given his rapid speech and jumbled words, and generally had a good time making fun of him for it.

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We look forward to increasing displays of unhinged behavior from Trump’s son as his family is slowly ostracized into irrelevance and hopefully poverty.

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