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Twitter users unload their funniest jokes yet as Trump is impeached a second time

Twitter users unload their funniest jokes yet as Trump is impeached a second time

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The House of Representatives impeached Donald Trump for a second time today, staining him as the only president in American history to earn that disgraceful distinction. He has been charged with inciting an insurrection and will be remembered as a man who so fundamentally pathetic, so entirely consumed by his own selfishness that he refused to accept defeat resulting in needless American deaths.

That said, only ten Republicans displayed the moral courage to vote to impeach, a clear sign that the GOP is a fundamentally broken party deep in the grasp of authoritarianism. Trump incited his supporters to storm the halls of our Capitol; every single member of Congress should have voted to impeach him.

Now that he’s been successfully impeached, the Senate will vote to either convict or acquit Trump of the charges. Since Democrats don’t take control of the chamber until later this month, current Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is kicking the can down the road and has already stated that he won’t convene the Senate until Tuesday, the day before Trump leaves office and President-elect Biden is inaugurated. If enough Republicans end up crossing the aisle when that happens, Trump may be found guilty, barring him from holding office in the future.

Add your name to demand the 25th amendment be used to remove Trump from office IMMEDIATELY!

Normally, Trump would be raging on Twitter right now but since the social media company banned him he’s unable to do that. One can only imagine the kind of frothing rage he’s experiencing right now, face red and sweaty, voice cracking as he screeches at those allies foolish enough to still be standing at his side.

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Knowing that he will go down in history as a complete failure, eclipsing even Richard Nixon in ignominy, is precisely the kind of thing to drive an egomaniac like him mad with fury. And while we might be denied the schadenfreude of watching him rant and whine in defeat, we can still enjoy the brutal deluge of mockery that’s currently hitting Twitter…

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