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CNN reveals Trump wants to give himself a military hero’s send-off

CNN reveals Trump wants to give himself a military hero’s send-off

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All across America right now pristine bottles of champagnes sit quietly on shelves, blissfully unaware of the fate that awaits them next Wednesday. Come the 20th, they’ll find themselves popped open and drained en masse as rejoicing Americans celebrate the end of the Trump era and the beginning of the Biden presidency.

After four years of chaos, disaster, and cold-eyed evil we will once again find ourselves living in a country run by people who actually care about good governance, people who have greater concerns than their own ego and greater ambitions than tweeting. The soon-to-be-ex-president still has his diehard, dead-ender fans of course but at this point, most of us just cannot wait to see him go.

President Trump, as gripped by delusion as ever, has apparently convinced himself that he deserves a climactic sendoff. CNN’s Ana Cabrera reports that the president wants a “big going away party.” What exactly he thinks he has to celebrate after completely botching the COVID-19 outbreak and ultimately ending up as the only American president in history to be impeached twice is anyone’s guess, but the man has never been known for having a sober-minded assessment of his own accomplishments (or lack thereof).

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According to CNN, Trump has said that he’d like to have a military-style event for his farewell and invite a crowd of his MAGA supporters. The man who avoided military service by claiming “bone spurs”, who attacked POWs and a Gold Star family, who urged his supporters into insurrection against the legitimately elected government of the United States wants to play dress-up as a military leader now, presumably to mimic men like Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un who he so clearly admires.

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Putting aside the fact that Trump is clearly far more deserving of prison time than a jamboree, it cannot be stressed enough how inappropriate an event like this would be given the current state of this country. The coronavirus is still rampaging and countless Americans have been financially devastated by it. The last thing we should be wasting tax dollars on right now is Donald Trump’s ego.

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Perhaps even more importantly, the president cannot be trusted in front of a mob of followers after last Wednesday’s Capitol siege, especially not if there’s the added element of a “military theme” to juice up his maniac fans to even more adrenaline-fueled violence. The only sendoff he should get is a swift kick in the rear on his way out the White House doors.

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