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Melania provokes avalanche of derision with video celebrating the “legacy” of BeBest

Melania provokes avalanche of derision with video celebrating the “legacy” of BeBest

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On Friday morning, soon-to-be-ex-First Lady Melania Trump posted a video to Twitter celebrating the, uh, “accomplishments” of her “BeBest” anti-bullying program as she prepares to leave her neglected obligations of government behind.

Unfortunately for her, it’s obvious to everyone that from the outset the “BeBest” program was a largely performative and transparently half-hearted attempt to make it look like the First Lady was making a cursory effort to fulfill the traditional duties of the First Lady.

She never bothered to square the inherent contradiction in running an anti-bullying program when her husband spent the entirety of the election and his term in office bullying everyone and anyone who offered up the meekest of criticism and, in the most Trumpian twist imaginable, actually used the auspices of the BeBest program to bully her own former friend leaking embarrassing information about her to the media.

Perhaps recognizing the absurd hypocrisy of the BeBest program when it was revealed that her husband’s administration was tearing thousands of children away from their parents and incarcerating them in concentration camps, Melania withdrew even further from the public eye and stopped pretending to care — which we learned literally when she wore a jacket emblazoned with “I Don’t Really Care, Do U?”

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The BeBest program ended its second year with “few of the objectives announced at the first anniversary accomplished” and existed “without specific policy or legislation goals, and most of its accomplishments in terms of advancing funding for children’s issues under the banner of ‘Be Best’ come via partnerships with programs that already exist within the federal government.”

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Beyond a few visits to hospitals and White House children’s events, Melania’s legacy is one of absence and reluctantly fulfilled obligations. It pales in comparison to the vibrancy and passion of former First Lady Michelle Obama, who became a national icon for her tireless fight for girl’s education across the globe, healthy meals for kids here in America, and encouraging exercise in America’s youth.

We are sure that Dr. Jill Biden will restore the dignity and empathy to the First Lady’s Office that it has lacked for so long — just as her husband will to the office of the Presidency itself.

Social media users were quick to give Melania and the BeBest program the send-off it deserves:

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