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MyPillow CEO caught heading into Trump meeting with notes referring to martial law

MyPillow CEO caught heading into Trump meeting with notes referring to martial law

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Last Wednesday’s Capitol Hill siege, incited by President Trump in reaction to President-elect Biden defeating him in the 2020 election, provided final proof that the man who has occupied the Oval Office for the past four years has absolutely no respect for our democracy and no higher calling than his own sordid political interests.

The insurrection, during which a screaming mob overran police barricades in search of Congress members, resulted in numerous deaths and shocked the free world. It’s crucial that we as a nation recognize that this riot was nothing less than an attempted coup by a lame-duck president. Republicans want to reject the word “coup” in order to downplay the severity of what happened, but it’s the only accurate way to describe an attempt to overturn a fair and free election through force.

After last week’s events, we must take the threat posed by Trump seriously at all times in these final days, even when he seems weak and broken, even when the risks seem downright absurd. With that in mind, the news that My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell visited Trump at the White House today takes on a different shade than it usually would.

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A diehard supporter of the defeated president, Lindell still refuses to accept Trump’s defeat and has insisted that he’ll serve another four years. While at first glance his visiting 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in the last disgraced days of the Trump presidency might elicit laughs, the notes he carried with him are no laughing matter. Photographs of the notes, snapped from afar, are causing alarm as savvy observers have pointed out that they appear to reference “martial law” and perhaps even the “Insurrection Act.”

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We can only speculate as to why Lindell is visiting with Trump, but his notes certainly make it seem like he’s going to make a last-ditch pitch for Trump to secure a second term for himself through domestic military invention. It seems likely that the military would ignore such orders at this point, so disenchanted are they with Trump after the insurrection, but the mere suggestion of abusing the armed forces to overturn an election is stunning and anathema to everything this country stands for.

If Lindell has truly suggested such actions the American people deserve to know and he deserves to be in prison. One of his stupid, overpriced pillows will suit him nicely on a cold steel cot.

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